Seven Lions Interview – How to Meet Him & Life Lessons

Seven Lions Interview – How to Meet Him & Life Lessons

Seven Lions (or Jeff Montalvo) is a truly gentle and old soul. Hard to believe if you have ever seen him perform. His presence and music is so soulful and intense that I was taken aback by his gentleness when we met. Seven Lions is from Santa Barbara and blew up with his remix of Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go.” I had the chance to interview Seven Lions at Tomorrowworld and was honored to finally meet him.

One of the coolest parts of the interview was Seven Lions explaining how you can win a chance to drink craft beers with him at a brewery when he comes to your city. Follow Seven Lions on Twitter and look out for #drinkingwithstrangers. Hear Seven Lions describe it below:


Here is a slice of his remix of a Florence and the Machine’s Cosmic Love that will whisk you away to another world.


Click Here for Adventure Club Video Interview

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