Seaspice Miami Spice Seduces the Senses

Seaspice Miami Spice Seduces the Senses

By Elise Rodriguez – Publicist by day and blogger for Glam Piece by night… and weekends.

There’s something about dining by the water that adds an air of whimsy and romance to a night out. Seaspice gets the mood just right with its waterfront, indoor-outdoor setup, taking you from stellar city views to a modern man-made garden. If the food wasn’t tantalizing enough, I would be just as happy gallivanting around the restaurant like it was a gallery.

But the reason for this article isn’t Seaspice’s breathtaking views or dreamy ambiance – it’s for it’s tasty bites, specifically, its 2017 Miami Spice Menu. The menu features an array of Mediterranean inspired dishes by an exquisite culinary team helmed by executive chef Angel Lèon, sous chef Simon Stajonovic, executive pastry chef Jill Montinola and pastry chef Allen Abad. I began the night expecting to indulge an array of seafood dishes (SEAspice), but the variety of options and flavor palettes on the menu led me to a much more diverse and delicious experience.

Here are my favorite must-try dishes and drinks:


I started the night with a glass of Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre, a rich, Italian red blend I sipped on throughout the evening. The wine is a deep, thick red, emanating an heir of elegance. Its pulpy flavor added a nice touch to my dishes throughout the night, without overpowering them.

This dish is where the sea in Seaspice comes in. A delicate, flaky, fried appetizer featuring Alaskan king crab and red pepper coulis, the Tempura Summer Squash Blossoms blew me away with their light, enticing flavor… And saying that is a lot for me, because I’m normally not a crab fan in the slightest! This crab, however, had me going for seconds… and thirds. The red pepper coulis adds a tolerable spiciness to the dish, while the tempura batter creates a sweet little crunch. The assortment of flavors will appeal to both seafood lovers and land creature lovers.

I am a proud carnivore, so I was thrilled to a see the Petit Filet Mignon dish on the spice menu. The steak, an ideal portion size, was cooked to a perfect temperature, really allowing me to savor the juiciness of the prime cut and the chef’s delectable seasoning. As yummy as the filet was, the side dish on this plate, crispy fried oysters in a house made horseradish sauce, was a total showstopper. The crumbly breading on the oyster compliments this mollusk’s delicate meat perfectly. Having the oyster, steak, and sauce in one bite proved to be the most effective (and delicious) way to eat this dish. Somehow, Seaspice managed to whisk away all my preconceived notions of seafood always tasting fishy, and instead, left me craving fried seafood at every meal… *licks lips*.

The Pear and Truffle Ravioli was by far, the standout dish of the night. The plump ravioli squares are made up of gooey, chopped pears, gorgonzola, and a yummy balsamic reduction all over. When I first bit into the ravioli, I was immediately overwhelmed by the combination of sugary juices from the pear and pure palatability of the mixed truffle oil. In other words: Total. Foodgasm. If you come to Seaspice and don’t order this dish, you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. And unlike most pasta dishes at restaurants, this one doesn’t need a dash of cheese. It’s that good.

Finally, a flavorful vegan dish! The Summer Plant Bowl is a beautiful, flowery looking bowl filled with cannelloni beans, roasted corn, pickled cherries, grilled radicchio, tatsoi leaves, chick pea panisse, and sundried tomatoes. The plating was what first struck me. The bowl features an array of colors and shapes, and is truly pretty enough to serve as a table centerpiece. But this dish is not just skin deep. After being stirred up, each bite is packed with fresh, bright flavor that just screams summertime.

The Mango Mousse may have been the most surprising of the night, with its refreshing and tingly flavors. The dish is a layered mousse containing coconut tapioca, basil mascarpone, and graham crumbs, which together, produce a light, refreshing flavor that is almost reminiscent of a spa. Pastry chef Jill Montinola invented this sweet little concoction, and I’m so glad she did! Jill personally brought me the dessert and explained all the details that went into it, proving that pastry chefs are actually even sweeter than the delicious food they create.

Overall, I left Seaspice full and happy as a clam, feeling woozy from the wine and the magnetism of the restaurant. Time and space seemed to stop as I sipped while gazing at the Miami city skyline. I am already planning my next visit- partially because of what a great deal it is, and partially because I haven’t stopped dreaming about that Pear and Truffle Ravioli since trying it… *salivates*.

Seaspice is located at 422 NW North River Drive in Miami, Florida, and is open for dining Tuesday through Thursday, noon to 10:30pm, and until 12am Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays noon to 10pm; 305.440.4200. For additional information, visit or email

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