Seaspice – A Glamorous Mediterranean Restaurant By The Miami River

Seaspice – A Glamorous Mediterranean Restaurant By The Miami River


Seaspice is known to prepare their foods in a unique, visually-stimulating style. Not only are their meals aesthetically pleasing, but they are also packed with unforgettable flavor that seduces the senses. Located on the banks of the Miami River, this restaurant offers its guests contemporary architecture, a glamorous environment, and stunning views of Miami’s downtown skyline.

Their menu offered a variety of tasty options, and seriously I have never had such an aesthetically pleasing brunch!

 King Crab Croquettes paired with Parsley Aioli: I highly recommend this appetizer! These bite-sized crab croquettes were packed with orgasmic flavor, and left me wanting another round! The parsley aioli was the perfect match to the crunchy crab.

Seaspice King Crab Croquettes paired with Parsley Aioli

Truffle Brie Tart: If you know me, you know that brie is my absolute favorite cheese. I love their take on my favorite hors d’oeuvre: inside the puff pastry is molten brie cheese that rocked my tastebuds.

Seaspice Truffle Brie Tart

Lobster Benedict: this was such a luxurious twist on eggs benedict, and came with potato hash, green onions, shaved asparagus, and chive hollandaise.

Seaspice Seaspice Lobster Benedict

The Scampi made with Nigerian Jumbo Prawns was delicious!! I know you’re probably wondering, “How could she eat so much food??”. Honestly the restaurant does a really good job with portioning the meals, but the ambiance was so lovely that I spent at least 3 hours of my morning, just enjoying the live music, drinking rosé, and eating good.

Seaspice Scampi made with Nigerian jumbo prawns

But lets talk about this beautiful art of a dessert that blew my mind:

Just look at it. Yep, it is just as tasty as it is beautiful!
Seaspice Sundae

I am seriously in love with this restaurant; I was drinking rosé, enjoying my company, and feeling VIP from beginning to end.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Seaspice is located at 422 NW North River Drive in Miami, Florida. For additional information, visit or email

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