Red Steakhouse’s Thanksgiving Will Put Your Mom’s to Shame

It is time to embrace the most gluttonous day of the year! If you are not a vegan, anorexic or terrorist you probably looooove Thanksgiving. Most people though DO NOT love shopping and cooking for it. Let’s be honest, having to brave the Black Friday style crowds at the grocery stores and then slaving away for days cooking in the kitchen, kinda blows. Luckily there is a foodgasmic Thanksgiving feast at Red Steakhouse.

See our review on Red Steakhouse’s amazing regular menu here. 

Red Steakhouse is one of our most cherished restaurants in South Florida. We were invited in to sample the entire Thanksgiving menu and have considered cancelling our own Thanksgiving dinner and going back to Red! It will be impossible top the exquisite meal that Chef Peter Vahuthy whipped up for us.

Instead of halving to shell out big bucks for a prix fixe menu where you are served items you don’t even eat, Red’s Thanksgiving dishes will be featured as specials a la carte. The dining room will open at 6 p.m. through Midnight.


The Fresh Baked Parker House Rolls were perfectly baked buttery, soft, crispy and slightly sweet. We could have pounded a dozen of these, but knew we had to leave room for the truckload of deliciousness that was coming.

The Organic Free Range Turkey & Gravy was profoundly succulent and packed with flavor. It was so juicy that it did not even need any gravy. We bet your mom’s turkey can’t hang like that.



The Apple Sausage Stuffing was a luscious balance of salty and sweet and is a must order to complement the bad ass bird.


The Sweet Potato Fondue with Golden Marshmallow Topping created a chorus of foodie MMMMMM’s all around the table. Be warned, it is super sweet and addictive.


Chef Peter will also be serving his classic stick-to-your-rib sides, such as 2 of our favorite dishes, the Signature Creamed Corn & Mac ’n’ Cheese.



 You better save room for dessert, because there is an outstanding Pumpkin Tiramisu 


A Pumpkin, Apple & Chocolate Pecan Pie Threesome


and if you are really lucky the Momofuku inspired Sugar Cereal Ice Cream is utterly magnificent. Chef Peter soaks the cereal in milk and then uses the milk to make the ice cream. Pictured below are the Fruit Loops and Capn Crunch Peanut Butter (the Chocolate Frosted Flakes was our fave).

This meal irrevocably changed our Thanksgiving expectations and we could not be happier. Unfortunately this outstanding meal is only served once a year, so you better take advantage.


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