Pueblito Viejo Miami – Live Colombian Nostalgia for the Family

Pueblito Viejo Miami – Live Colombian Nostalgia for

the family

¡Hola! to all my Hedonists and Shedonists, and Qué cuentas to all the Foodies out there! If any of you are looking for true authentic Colombian food that is fresh from the island, then Pueblito Viejo Miami really is a must go!

During his days as a boy, creator and owner Gonzalo Rodriguez took his Colombian roots and cherished collection of international music his mother left behind and dreamed of his place he could call his own- thus born the concept of Pueblito Viejo. The restaurant is exactly what his vision held, a warm family-friendly experience with amazing international music,  phenomenal dishes, and live entertainment!

Pueblito Viejo Miami

As we sat and enjoyed the upbeat sounds of Colombian folk music, we started with some of Pueblito Viejo Miami’s top drinks. The Margarita Pueblito Viejo was our first, a smooth blend of Tequila infused with their very own signature margarita mix. Alongside this delicious sweet rimmed mix, I also sipped on their Tequila Sunrise, a combination of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine.

Both drinks were the perfect touch to the beefy spiced Empanada and the crunchy Arepa appetizers that we chose as our first taste to the restaurant. We recommend you give these a-go guys!

Pueblito Viejo MiamiPueblito Viejo Miami

¡Queremos mas! We want more, our stomachs weres saying, and Pueblito Viejo Miami does not disappoint. For the main course, which again is a definite must when you are dining here, were the Picadas Pueblito Viejo a splendid variety of fried pork, fried yuca, chopped tomatoes, fried tostones, and sliced arepas. We also thoroughly enjoyed the Fillet de Pescado a traditional well-seasoned fish fillet with salted boiled potatoes and a zesty salad. 

Pueblito Viejo Miami Pueblito Viejo Miami

No olvidemos El Postre! You simply cannot walk out of this family-style restaurant without having some dessert. Now for us, we dined on Flan de Coco, a succulent custard that was smooth and creamy all in one, and Colombian Capricho which was a blend of condensed milk, evaporated milk and almond custard. We highly recommend you snack on these saccharine treats.

Pueblito Viejo Miami


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