Plant Miami Unveils Delightfully Mouth-Watering New Menu!

Plant Miami Unveils Delightfully Mouth-Watering New Menu!

Plant Miami is a plant-based restaurant with an emphasis on living foods, featuring vibrant, vegan, kosher, organic cuisine inspired by South Florida. Dynamic and thoughtfully assembled, the menu blends innovative technique with seasonal, local produce, and includes many classic raw food dishes. With its clean, modernist approach and distinctive setting, Plant Miami is the perfect platform for Miami’s tropical climate and broad cultural influences, integrating a distinctive harmony with holistic wellness, impeccable ingredients, skilled technique, and exquisite plating. 


Executive Chef Horacio Rivadero and Pastry Chef Veronica Manolizi’s new menu features seasonal, vibrant, organic, plant-based cuisine. Featuring local and seasonally-inspired ingredients from their sister property, Paradise Farms, Plant Miami serves biodynamic and organic spirits, craft cocktails, wines, detox beverages. They are a Certified Kosher restaurant located in the garden of The Sacred Space Miami, an urban oasis for wellness.

Plant Miami’s dining room features an elemental, contemporary environment with a view of the immaculate exposed kitchen. We were invited for a backstage tour of the kitchen and it was by far the most pristine I’ve ever seen. There were no ovens, it was lovely to see content and happy chefs creating beautiful dishes, rather then slaving over hot stoves. At the center of this inspired concept is the stunning patio, set beneath a majestic ancestor Palm and wrapped around the reflecting pool, embracing the generous natural beauty.

Our tasting began with us wetting our beaks with this refreshing cocktail, the Verde. Drinking this cocktail was like bathing my mouth in a liquid spa. The Blanco tequila, cucumber-cilanto juice, and coriander rum blended together perfectly to create this light, cleansing drink.

Verde Cocktail Plant Miami

Accompanying my amazing cocktail was the even more exciting Handcrafted Cheese board comprised of sprouted, cultured, activated, cashew cheeses and adorned with seasonal pickles, fruit compote, and sunflower seed crackers. These were the best nut cheese I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Crafted into 4 different flavors- white truffle, smoked cheddar, mixed peppercorn, and blue cheese, I could hardly believe that they were actually not made with dairy! I would give up dairy cheese for life if I could have these nut cheeses everyday.

Handcrafted Cheese Board Plant Miami

Up next were these phenomenal Castelvetrano Olives stuffed with Blue cashew nut cheese and sprinked with edible flowers and microgreens. These were the most divine olives I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The light and salty flavor blended perfectly with the savory blue cheese stuffing. I could have eaten these all night and walked away more than satisfied!

Castelvetrano Olives Plant Miami

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to taste anything better then the olives, the tomato tartalette came along and took my mouth for a wild ride indeed! Made with a delightful pimento cashew cheese, almond-juniper berry shell, heirloom tomatoes, and borage, between this and the olives, I was in absolutely foodie heaven.

Tomato Tartalette Plant miami

The climax of my dining experience arrived in the form of this delicious pasta dish named Cacio Di Funghi. Made with kelp noodles, baby brassica, cashew truffle bechamel, and adorned with truffle caviar– it was everything I’ve ever wanted in a vegan pasta. I slurped the very last of the noodles up! The truffle garnishments were out of this world, this dish is not to be missed out on!

Cacio Di Funghi Plant Miami

Ending a sensational evening on a sweet note, we were treated to this fluffy and delicious sweet potato pie. The chocolate almond crust and coconut anise  created the perfect balance for this slightly savory yet delectably sweet treat. I could eat a whole pie!

Sweet Potato Pie Plant Miami

Overall, Plant Miami has to be one of my most cherished dining establishments to indulge in. The Sacred Space is a beautiful and welcoming area to dine upon healthy and living food that makes you feel good is just the icing on the vegan cake! Be sure to keep an eye on the site for the cooking classes they have planned for the future and the Sacred Space itself! You won’t regret it!

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