Pig-sty BBQ is a Combination of Music, Art and Food

Pig-sty BBQ is a Combination of Music, Art and Food

Owner Elliot Harris and pitmaster Bryan Tyrell knew within 15 minutes of meeting each other that they were going to do something together. What that was exactly, they just didn’t know.

Luckily for BBQ lovers, the result was Pig-sty BBQ, a fast casual restaurant that serves slow-cooked fare. My brother Liam and I had the pleasure of trying pulled pork, ribs, chicken, brisket and turkey along with an assortment of sides.
The first bite I took was of the crispy Onion ring. Now, I’m not a ranch dressing fan, but Pig-sty’s Homemade Ranch made me a believer. Paired with the onion rings and the also crispy French Fries created a creamy, dreamy, crunchy trifecta beyond compare.
Speaking of homemade, everything is created from scratch at Pig-sty – nothing is premade. This included the Mac n Cheese, which was breaded, cheesy and fluffy along with the creamy, tangy Potato Salad. The sides didn’t upstage the meat. However, they were a very, very close second.
Pig-sty Ribs
On to the main courses. The Brisket, which is smoked for 14 hours, was both chewy and tender. The Chicken had a smokey, crispy taste on the skin, which encased a fresh flesh inside. The Ribs, made with brown sugar, did not fall off the bone as most BBQ restaurants claim because according to Harris, “it’s not supposed to”. As for the Turkey, I created instructions: 1. Pour some Kansas style hot sauce on it. 2. Take a bite with the bread underneath it.
3. Thank me later. Actually, thank Bertha, the smoker that holds up to 3000 lbs of meat at once.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the delectable desserts. The Doughnuts are a fluffy, glazed dream sprinkled with cinnamon. The ice cream is homemade, with the Banana Pie Ice Cream containing chunks of flaky crust. As for the Gooey Butter Cake, it goes fast and within reason. The hard crust and buttery inside make for a marriage of the perfect dessert. It’s slightly reminiscent of butterscotch, but not overly sweet.
 The atmosphere is just as homemade as the food itself. The wood is reclaimed from an Illinois farm, and the chandeliers are made from Model T Fords. Harris himself created the art seen around the establishment, including the surrealism theme in the men’s room and the vortex in the women’s. The restaurant is literally a place for everyone, with an interactive fun section for kids and live music. On Thursday’s, patrons can jam out to a Grateful Dead cover band.
If you’re going out to dinner just for the food, any chain BBQ place will suffice. But if you want an experience, head to Pig-sty BBQ. Consider it a life investment.
Pig-sty BBQ is located at 706 W Boynton Beach Blvd. in Boynton Beach. Visit pigstybbq.com.

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