PARK Motivational Concert Starring Adrianna Foster

PARK Motivational Concert Starring Adrianna Foster

Adrianna Foster’s music has millions of views on YouTube and she has been on the top charts in Latin America since 2008.  She, in collaboration with PARK Project, is showcasing a “A Motivational Concert Experience”.  On Saturday, September 17 at the Office Depot Foundation, 6600 N Military Trail, Boca Raton, Florida 33496 starting at 6PM, she will be performing live.  I was fortunate to attend her last concert and would like to tell you about my amazing experience of what it’s like to watch this melodic motivational performance . . .

When I got word of a motivational concert happening at the quaint Coral Gables spot, Open Stage Club, I just knew I had to go for my dose of positivity and encouragement to get me through stressful days.  That is exactly what I got at the PARK Motivational Concert, a room filled with love and abundance.  The smooth jazz vocals of Adrianna Foster and the motivational lyrics in her music can truly re-ignite the spark within us all, promoting radical self-love and kindness.

PARK Motivational Concert


First a bit of what this organization is all about:  PARK Project, which stands for Perform Acts of Random Kindness, is a 501c3 non-profit organization and volunteer-driven movement on a mission to spread the message of making the world a better place by donating their valuable time, energy and heart to events like 5K PARK Fest, PARK Life Motivational Concerts and their holiday Awesome Toy Drive, among other community service initiatives year round.

It is true what they say, every act of kindness grows the spirit and strengthens the soul. Being present at this concerts and getting to know what PARK Project is all about gave me a sense of relief that this great value was not lost.  I’m definitely all for empowerment and abundance, hearing it in the sweet melody of Adrianna Foster made it all the better.  For anyone that is feeling lost, depressed or maybe just needs a boost this is definitely the concert to attend and the people to meet.  Adrianna shares her stories of single parent struggles, poverty, depression and over-coming all of those obstacles.  We all face day to day challenges and it is great to hear from others that can relate and guide one to a path of abundance.

Adrianna Foster “A Motivational Concert Experience” is now touring all over South Florida.  Make sure you check out her next concert and follow her and the PARK Project on social media.

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