Oregon Eclipse Gathering – The Must See Festival of 2017

Oregon Eclipse Gathering – The Must See Festival of 2017

With too many (yes too many) festivals to choose from this Summer, it is tough to figure out which fests truly deserves your presence. While I hope to never miss an Electric Forest, and Camp Bisco 2017 has the BEST LINEUP I’VE EVER SEEN, there is another festival I am just as excited for… The Oregon Eclipse!

I am a legit Griz addict. I listen to Good Will Prevail and Say it Loud almost daily! One of the reasons I believe Griz’s music is beyond stellar, is that it emanates from his pure, loving and beautiful soul. He opens it wide and pours out uplifting and elevating lyrics, symphonic tunes and sultry sax to create his epic and soul touching Future Funk. His music will literally change your ear. Nobody does it better than Griz right now!

When I met Griz at Lollapalooza and felt his benevolent energy through a hug and chill, I asked him a very important question. While I adore the music, partying, costumes and dancing, it is always the people I meet that are the most memorable and enjoyable parts for me. That is why the Forest is so freaking special. It is a gargantuan and potent swirl of love and fun. I asked Griz which festival had the best energy and he answered without hesitation that it was Symbiosis:

Courtesy of VICE

Courtesy Electronic Midwest

I looked into Symbiosis, their serene setting as well as philosophy and was blown away. Billed as a gathering, this event is way more than just another music festival. According to their site:

“From the inception of the Gathering, our efforts have been guided by an insatiable drive for novelty, community, and authenticity. This is entire project has been funded by our community through sales of Experience Passes, hard work, long hours, and occasionally our own resources. We’ve never sold alcohol and we’ve never taken sponsorship dollars. To us, Symbiosis Gathering is an art project with our community as a palate. “


This just sounds like a gorgeous energy, open, loving and artistic experience that will enhance your existence. I have spoken to people who have experienced this and they concur. This year Symbiosis will change the location of their gathering and join forces with 13 superb global festivals to hold an epic once in a life time gathering in the woods of Oregon to witness the first total solar eclipse since 1979!

The Ochoco National Forest at Big Summit Prairie in Oregon will be the venue for this life changing experience. Yes I expect my life as well as yours to be altered for the better from attending the Oregon Eclipse.  From August 17th through the 23rd, the Oregon Eclipse shall be home to live art, workshops, theater and circus performers, amazing artists across seven stages and many more surprises.  We shall all be gathering to celebrate and witness a full solar eclipse that can only be seen from a small swath of the Northern United States on August 22nd.

Of course Symbiosis is the impetus and the main organizer nehind this event.  The festival will host musicians such as:  Bassnectar, Desert Dwellers, Dirtwire, Emancipator, G Jones, MarchFourth, Moon Hooch, Papadosio, Opiuo, Phutureprimitive, Random Rab, Shpongle (Simon Posford & Raja Ram Live), STS9 (2 nights), The Polish Ambassador, The String Cheese Incident (2 nights), Thriftworks, Troyboi, Zilla and many more!

This gathering is going to roundup very special souls from across the world. All 13 of these festivals are having their festival at Oregon Eclipse, so besides the unique opportunity of the eclipse, the combination of all theses festivals into one shall be profoundly unique and doused in magic sauce. I shall see you there and I so hope you can make the journey as well. Here is a magical unicorn to elaborate…


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  1. We are bringing RV and one or two other couples. We have all bought the experience passes. We were thinking of getting an early entry pass to place the RV in a good camping spot. I understand that we are not allowed to Camp outside the event and ride our bicycles in. Do we have a viable strategy? Please respond ASAP so we can ensure that everybody taken care of

    Talon Jesson / Reply
  2. Come camp and view this event!

    Fant Z. Pants / Reply
  3. I have written an app to help people find the best spot to observe the eclipse. It is called “Eclipse Run”, available for free on the App Store.
    It shows the zone of totality and the line of maximum time over the entire USA. It will give you hourly weather and cloud cover at any spot within the zone, as well as directions, and sound alerts to let you know you are entering the zone or crossing the line…
    Eclipse Run, is free and indispensable for eclipse chasers!!!
    Get it from:

    Martine Habib / Reply
  4. Looking for a camping pass! Have a car you can ride in with me or I will buy

    Morgan / Reply

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