Numero 28 Pizzeria Review – New York Style Pizza

Numero 28 Pizzeria Review

In Miami, we always get excited about a fun, new restaurant opening — especially when that restaurant comes straight from the mecca of all foodie destinations: New York City. Enter Numero 28 Pizzeria.

Numero 28 - Exterior

Owned and operated by the Biamonte family, this West Village haunt’s 30+ authentic Neapolitan pizzas have fast made it a celebrity favorite; and thanks to its popularity, you can now find it in some of the hottest neighborhoods around the world: like East Village, the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, Brooklyn, Austin, TX and even Notting Hill, in London. Just this past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to test out Numero 28 Pizzeria’s latest location, the newest gem on the already-adorable Española Way, to see just what it had in store for its new South Florida neighbors.

Once I found the place, the first thing I noticed was its size — it’s tiny! Kicking off the night outside with glasses of chardonnay, chianti and prosecco, our group of about 30 headed inside and quickly took up all the tables. Taking the night to the next level, the attentive staff surprised us by filling our long tables with platters of melone and mista salads, linguini al nero, rigatoni nonna Eugenia, and three of their renowned pizzas — the signature “Numero 28”; the “San Daniele” with tomato, mozzarella, arugula & prosciutto; and a mortadella and pistachio pizza pie. Add that to the fact that this cozy, intimate spot, in the heart of one of South Beach’s most-visited streets, made us feel curiously right at home and man, for once, kind of proved right: (in this case) size doesn’t matter.

Numero 28

Brought to Miami Beach by a slew of celebrity accolades, here are all the things we loved about the night that make us believe it’s here to stay:

Numero 28

Bread appetizer made out of Numero 28’s signature crust; characterized by its puffy and charred “cornicione,” or end crust.

Numero 28 with buffalo mozzarella, speck, truffle cream and mushrooms.

Signature “Numero 28” pizza with with buffalo mozzarella, speck, truffle cream and mushrooms.

Numero 28

“San Daniele” pizza with tomato, mozzarella, arugula and prosciutto.

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