California’s Northern Nights Festival 2017 celebrates 5 years with expanded Tree Lounge

California’s Northern Nights Festival 2017 celebrates 5 years with expanded Tree Lounge

By Michael Vallens

Northern Nights Festival Lazers

There are no shortages of festivals to choose from, especially if you are a California resident. While Coachella and Stagecoach steal the headlines, it’s the smaller, more intimate festivals where one can truly let loose. This is especially true for the eclectic Northern Nights Festival (July 14-16) located only three hours north of San Fransisco in the famed “Emerald Triangle” at Cook’s Valley Campgrounds on the Humboldt/Mendocino county line.

Northern Nights Festival River 1

The folks at the Northern Nights Festival are pleased to bring back a newly expanded version of last year’s pioneering, 420-friendly Medical Marijuana Zone known as the “Tree Lounge” located in the center of the festival. This is the place to enjoy some kind buds while jamming out to some of the most sought after entertainers.

Northern Nights Festival Line Up

The artists headlining the Northern Nights Festival include famed acts such as Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Cherub, Big Wild, G Jones, Dirtwire, Random Rab, Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage and over 90 more acts to enjoy in the surreal environment of the Redwoods.

Northern Nights Festival yoga

If you’re feeling stressed, you will be pleased to know that the Northern Nights Festival offers “Yoga in the Grove”, curated led by Bloom Farms. In addition, there will be massages offered with North Bay Nectar’s medically infused cannabis oil made with all organic ingredients.

Northern Nights Festival Sax

The following is more information on The Northern Nights Festival for 2017:

Don’t have a medical marijuana card? From the comfort of your own home, attendees can get a cannabis recommendation online from PrestoDoctor at a discounted rate for NN ticket holders. Just email for your code. Or PrestoDoctor will be onsite to provide recommendations at regular rates. Arriving with a current card also has the advantage of expedited entry into the lounge.

Northern Nights Festival 420

Outside of the relaxing oasis of the Tree Lounge, the 5th Annual Northern Nights has curated exceptional experiential offerings including a new “Purple Nights” Art Gallery showcasing the works of the finest borosilicate glass artists from around the world.

Northern Nights Festival Art

Beachside dance parties, afternoon river swims, a diverse lineup of internationally renowned and breakout musical and mural artists, and world class production in an intimate setting make the Northern Nights Festival the perfect destination for city revelers to experience farm to fest.

Northern Nights Festival River 2

It is encouraged for all participants (18+) to activate their souls and smiles for three unforgettable days – no matter the path, you’ll find a home for the weekend in the majestic forests of NorCal.

Northern Nights Festival hammocks

Dance, swim, run or float your way to The Emerald Triangle next month for an experience unlike any other – Tickets for Northern Nights Music Festival are on sale now!

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Northern Nights Music Festival 2017 Full Lineup Living Legends ⧫ Jai Wolf ⧫ Cherub ⧫ Big Wild ⧫ G Jones ⧫ Random Rab ⧫ Dirtwire ⧫ Falcons ⧫ Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage ⧫ Moon Boots ⧫ Nombe ⧫ The Range ⧫ Vijay and Sofia ⧫ Adam Vida ⧫ Ekozu ⧫ IHF ⧫ Isaac Chambers ⧫ Jason Huber ⧫ Joyzu ⧫ Lapa ⧫ Luckyiam 3.0 w/ Dj Nykon ⧫ Manatee Commune ⧫ Manics ⧫ Mike Taylor ⧫ Mr. Fijiwiji ⧫ Nominus ⧫ Porangui ⧫ Project Aspect ⧫ Ryan Herr ⧫ Unlimited Aspect ⧫ Unlimited Gravity ⧫ Yungg Trip ⧫ Acacia Beats ⧫ Av8trix ⧫ Berel Alexander ⧫ Bisaria ⧫ Cash Johnson ⧫ Chief Greenbud ⧫ Christifari ⧫ Chrysocolla ⧫ Cremes N Lotions ⧫ Dean William ⧫ Devarock ⧫ DJ Rundat ⧫ Dreams on Fire ⧫ Dub Cowboy ⧫ Esch ⧫ Fresh Depz ⧫ Gabe Pressure ⧫ G. Davis ⧫ Guidance ⧫ H^M ⧫ Hypha ⧫ J. Handel ⧫ James Ando ⧫ Jay Ev ⧫ John Beaer ⧫ Just One ⧫ Kwovadus ⧫ Marco Utah ⧫ Marjo Lak ⧫ Mr. 415 ⧫ MSVG ⧫ Naughty Princess ⧫ Pretty Handsom ⧫ Rhizae ⧫ Solspace ⧫ Starfari ⧫ Subsuelo ⧫ Tacosnap ⧫ The Hype ⧫ The Rellies ⧫ Violin Girl ⧫ Amanda ⧫ Whiting ⧫ Zanapod ⧫ Zera

Northern Nights Festival DJ

About Nights Music Festival A three-day celebration of music, art, food and local culture, the annual Northern Nights Music Festival (NNMF) takes place every third weekend in July, this year falling on July 14th-16th. Now entering its fifth year, NNMF has created its home along the South Fork Eel River at Cook’s Valley Campground, 3.5 hours north of San Francisco at the intersection of Mendocino and Humboldt counties.

Northern Nights Festival grounds

With a passion for celebrating emerging underground music and featuring the most sought-out producers and DJs from around the globe,the luminaries behind NNMF, San Francisco-based BLAP Productions and Humboldt’s World Famous Productions, first came together in 2013 to achieve their vision. As their vision – and the festival – grew, the team welcomed production houses EPIC (Chico), Burningleaf Productions (Humboldt), Eye Heart SF (San Francisco), and Euphoric Styles (Santa Cruz), who collectively strive to sustain NNMF as a premiere destination experience.

Northern Nights Festival Camping

Offering attendees a unique opportunity to fully embrace a truly Californian experience and aligning with the history and tradition of previous festivals in the region, a portion of Northern NMF proceeds from ticket and beverage sales are donated to the Mendocino and Humboldt school districts, nonprofits, and environmental groups.

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