nFuse Bar & Kitchen – Cocktails by Disneyland

nFuse Bar & Kitchen Review – Cocktails by Disneyland

By Juliann Fritz

Across the street from everyone’s favorite theme park Disneyland sits nFuse Bar & Kitchen. Situated in the Anaheim Marriott, nFuse Bar & Kitchen offers modern hospitality and a fresh take on California cuisine that hopes to attract not only tourist on their vacations, but they also hope to shine with the locals. Their goal is to shake up your idea of the typical hotel drinking and dining establishment.

nFuse go stag Cocktail

nFuse Bar & Kitchen offers a classy variety of craft libations, unique appetizers, and savory entrees. I decided to start off the night with a handcrafted cocktail. Normally I stick to beer but I decided to step out of my comfort zone. This cocktail is called Go Stag, mixed with black cherry whiskey, agave, angostura bitters, and orange essence. It reminded me of a whiskey sour, but the black cherry and orange essence bring a cozy taste that makes it perfectly suited for a cold evening. This drink will definitely warm you up.

nFuse Shrimp

The first appetizer from the kitchen was the Sriracha Shrimp. This dish came complete with sweet and sour sauce and a side of Kale salad. The first thing I noticed about it was the colors. Everything looked so vibrant I didn’t want to touch it. Of course this made me think of the how good it was going to taste. The shrimp was marinated in butter and mayonnaise, a unique combo that made me wonder if nFuse Bar & Kitchen had a secret sauce that they used on their shrimp. I was surprised that it was made from simple quality ingredients like mayo and butter. The Sriracha added spice and the sweet and sour sauce brought perfect balance.

nFuse Laura Chenel Goat Cheese

Second appetizer for the evening was the Laura Chenel Goat Cheese. The staff at nFuse Bar & Kitchen highly recommended this appetizer, so of course I was excited to dig in. First of all, it was presented beautifully. The goat cheese was milky, creamy, and blended that salty sweet flavor perfectly. It was topped with Anaheim chili jam, which is made in house at nFuse. The jam was the perfect complement to the goat cheese. It is delicious solo or on top of one the artisan breads.

nFuse lobster mac n cheese

Lobster Mac n Cheese has become a feature menu item at a lot of restaurants. nFuse Bar & Kitchen showcases it on their menu, as the waitress boasted that it was one of her favorites. Generous portions of creamy mac n cheese topped with breadcrumbs and mixed with succulent lobster were enough to leave me impressed. The breadcrumbs added crunchiness to the dish and the lobster was perfectly cooked.

nFuse Serrano Migo

I was in the mood to treat myself, so why not have another cocktail? I went with the Serrano-Migo, a cute and classy looking beverage. It is made with Serrano chili infused tequila, lime juice, agave, and strawberries. The Serrano-Migo is refreshing and balanced. It’s the type of drink for a warm summer evening on the beach. This drink further emphasized the fact that nFuse is a great spot for a cocktail.

nFuse Creme Brulee Cheesecake

Last but not least, dessert. The Crème Brulee Cheesecake was highlighted as an nFuse Bar & Kitchen favorite. I love Crème Brulee! Crème Brulee on top of cheesecake? Enough said. The cheesecake was fluffy and mildly sweet, a nice surprise since cheesecake is usually rich and dense. The top of the cheesecake is Crème Brulee, adding dimension to this dessert. It was a huge portion of cake! Be prepared to share (or not). If you can’t decide between crème brulee and cheesecake, nFuse offers the best of both worlds with this dessert.

Next time you are in the Anaheim area, especially if you are spending the day at Disneyland, stop by nFuse Bar and Kitchen. They offer a wide variety of thought provoking treats that will be sure to satisfy any craving.

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