New Pop Popcorn – Snack All Day Without The Bloating!

New Pop Popcorn – Snack All Day Without The Bloating!

Written and Photos by Jessica Lewandowski

Having one of those days where you find yourself mindlessly wandering into the kitchen for a snack? When you open your pantry, what do you see? Potato chips? Crackers? Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter? You know you’re supposed to be avoiding these snacks (another time, delicious cookie butter). You need a bag of New Pop in your arsenal of munchies.

New Pop Bags

While it’s true that traditional popcorn can be considered healthier than many other snacks, you know you’re going to eat all the servings instead of portioning out the microwave bag. Munching on butter flavored popcorn? Forget it; you’ve ruined any chance of your snack being “healthy.” Don’t worry though because New Pop skinless popcorn is hardly going to add a calorie to your count for the day, and it even tastes better too.

How is New Pop so much better for you than regular popcorn? The brand’s kernels are peeled before getting popped under high pressure. That means your calories and carbs go way down. New Pop doesn’t use any oil, salt, or butter in their recipe. A hint of raw organic sugar cane adds a touch of sweetness to this crunchy treat. In fact, that’s the only other ingredient besides corn! A bag of New Pop satisfies those cravings for crunchy foods. Does your tongue need a little spice to be satisfied? Try their Hot and Sweet flavor. Sweet Cinnamon is also available.

New Pop Kernels

My favorite part about New Pop is the portion sizes. You don’t have to worry about setting aside your snack in a little bowl and hiding the rest from sight. Each bag is less than 200 calories and only 32 calories per cup. Feel free to dig your way to the bottom of that bag without feeling guilty! The company also offers the perfect little travel-sized bags, which are only 19 calories total. If you’re anything like me, spending an afternoon on a beach is tough work, and I definitely always crave a little snack while I’m getting my tan on. The snack bags satisfy my craving without making me feel bloated!

Trust me, you’ll want to ditch the microwave popcorn after tasting New Pop.

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