Mootral Showcases Eco-friendly Climate-Smart Beef at Farm For Change Tour in LA

Mootral Showcases Eco-friendly Climate-Smart Beef at Farm For Change Tour in LA

By Michael Vallens

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Climate change is a controversial topic, but all evidence points to it being a problem that will continue to be exacerbated unless something is done to help improve the environment. Carbon emissions contribute heavily to the change in climate and cows are one of the guilty parties. Releasing CO2 in the form of Methane gas, cows release more of it in a year’s time than cars do. Fortunately, the fine folks at Zaluvida have created a product called Mootral that helps reduce methane emissions from cattle by 30%.

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Mootral is a natural feed supplement that uses extracts from garlic and citrus to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and discourage bad gas-causing bacteria from generating in live stock. This is similar to the way probiotics work in humans stomachs.

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After a successful tour of Germany, Mootral announced the Farm for Change Tour through Los Angeles with partner Chef Michael Voltaggio in tow to create something special to showcase climate-smart beef.

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“The Farm For Change tour is designed to bring people together around solutions for the future of food and the environment by acknowledging and celebrating the realities of where we are today…We chose to bring our climate-smart beef to Los Angeles as it is quickly becoming the major cleantech innovation hubs in the U.S and Angelinos are known for paying attention to what they eat and what their food eat.”

The Tasting:

Chef Michael Voltaggio is known for winning season 6 of Top Chef has partnered up with Mootral and used their climate-smart beef to construct the Shawarma Spiced Beef Tostadas, where Middle Eastern flavors meets Southern California’s iconic Mexican food classic.

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Placed in a freshly fried star shaped corn tortilla shell, the Shawarma Spiced Climate-Smart Beef is packed with flavor. Spiced just right, the ground beef has a unique and pleasurable texture which pairs very well with the pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and radishes.

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Topped with sour cream and garnished with cilantro, this taco proved its worth by being supremely tasty and good for the environment; a win-win scenario.

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A Noble Cause:

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Mootral is out to spread the word about climate-smart beef and proved to be successful in getting their mission statement across. This supplement of all natural ingredients when added to the live stocks feed, will help aid the digestion in cows and result in lower methane and CO2 emissions.

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In addition, it will help farmers increase their earnings while leaving a smaller overall carbon footprint. While it is not sold in grocery stores just yet, Mootral is continuing to hold trials and further researching to help make the world a better place for the future. Visit for more information on research and future events.

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