Modern Om Mindfulness Festival

Modern Om Mindfulness Festival

Modern Om Mindfulness Festival has returned this year for their 2nd annual festival on October 14th, 2017 from 9am – 11:59pm! Modern ŌM & The Sacred Space Miami are again producing a day of immersive experiences that will inspire and empower you to access “present moment experience.”

Modern Om Mindfulness Festival Prayer

A highly curated program includes 30+ world-class activities, workshops, panels, and performances across Meditation, Shamanism, Music, Art, Science, Fitness, Food, and Technology led by the most sought-after experts in the world of Mindfulness.

Modern Om Mindfulness Festival Yoga

Mindfulness has emerged globally as a lifestyle that counters the stress and information overload of the modern world. Life has become so complicated, that a lot of us want to connect and are seeking something deeper, and real.

Modern Life is all about playing with different ways to access peace, love, and connection within ourselves as well as meet others like you!

Learn Powerful Mindfulness Techniques To Help You Live A More Balanced & Happier Life!

Over 30 Workshops, Guided Meditations, & Yoga covering these topics:

  • Meditation
  • Corporate Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Technology (Wearables)
  • Sex & Intimacy
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Mindful Communities
  • Yoga & Fitness
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Sound Healing
  • Shamanism
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Plant Based Cooking & Mindful Eating

Modern Om Mindfulness Festival Crystal Bowls

Also featuring several world-renowned speakers on the topics above:

  • Durek (Istanbul)Shaman
  • Biet Simkin (NYC)Center of the Cyclone(meditation teacher + performance artist)
  • Keith Mitchell (LA)Former All-Pro NFL Player & Celebrity Mindfulness Coach(your greatest potential)
  • Donna d’Cruz (NYC)Founder, Dip Into Bliss(spiritual teacher & DJ)
  • Mia Astral (MIA)Writer and Astrologer
  • Melayne & Cameron Shayne (MIA)Budokon University(movement)
  • Latham Thomas (NYC)Founder, Mama Glow(feminine force)
  • Quentin Vennie (NYC)Motivational Speaker & Wellness Expert(anxiety expert)
  • Jennifer Grace (MIA)Creative Insight Journey(author + life coach)


We are in our final ticket release, so purchase your tickets NOW!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

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