Midtown Oyster Bar Miami Spice Review

Midtown Oyster Bar Miami Spice Menu 2016

Angelo Masarin may have two of the most delightful spots in Midtown with his Italian influenced Salumeria 104, and the highly regarded Midtown Oyster Bar right next door. Thanks to this years Miami Spice, which aims to allow foodies from all over a chance to dine at Miami’s finest restaurants at a reasonable price, I was able to dive into some of Oyster Bars best offerings.

Midtown Oyster Bar is an intimate and delightful stop in Midtown with enough ambiance to elevate the already exquisite food. Lights with Oyster Crate coverings and a wall of caged in Oysters set the mood and get you ready to dive in for a night of decadent shellfish, complimented by their fantastic Rose’. 

We began the night with the fantastic Oysters Rockefeller, which had the perfect balance of herbs, bacon, Spinach, and Parmesan Cheese to compliment the natural flavor of the Oysters without being overwhelming. The Scallops were up next with a cauliflower puree that elevated it from your standard fare.


by their incredible Burratina (pictured below). A welcomed combination of tomato tartare, basil and pesto mousse with a balsamic reduction and salmon caviar worked to create an explosion of very complimentary flavors which blew me away. 


Burratina at Midtown Oyster Bar

After the scrumptious round of appetizers (and of course, some more Rose), I dove into the Tuna Steak fried onions and sautéed zucchini. A very light and refreshing dish, the tuna steak is a perfect dish for those looking for the steak experience without the red meat. In this same vein, the pineapple shrimp was very tangy and light, a perfect dish for those looking to enjoy a flavorful offering without the usually high calorie count.

Tuna Steak

Tuna Steak at Midtown Oyster Bar

While each dish had something that made it special, it was the Duck with Blue mashed potatoes that took the cake. A savory and perfectly portioned offering, the orange glaze on the duck worked to bring the dish together and create a dish that was perfectly balanced.

Duck and Blue Mashed Potatoes at Midtowny Oyster Bar

Duck and Blue Mashed Potatoes at Midtown Oyster Bar

To cap off the night, we were blessed to try the Limoncello & Mascarpone cake, that had just enough of a lemon kick to let you know that it’s their without being overwhelming.

Limoncello & Mascarpone

Limoncello & Mascarpone at Midtown Oyster Bar

All in all I can’t recommend Oyster bar enough, especially to seafood fans and those who are looking for a spice menu with a bevy of pescatarian friendly options.  

Midtown Oyster Bar: http://midtownoysterbar.com/

Miami Spice 2016: http://www.miamiandbeaches.com/special-offers/monthly-deals/miami-spice-month

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