Mickey’s Italian Delicatessen and Liquor Store: Third Generation Leads Hermosa Beach’s Hidden Gem Towards a Prosperous Future

Mickey’s Italian Delicatessen and Liquor Store: Third Generation Leads Hermosa Beach’s Hidden Gem Towards a Prosperous Future

By Michael Vallens

Southern California’s rich history is synonymous with the beach. With the rise of Gidget and the increasingly popular surfing culture in the 1950’s, Los Angeles’ Beach Cities have been and still are a popular destination for native Angelinos and out-of-towners. The Hermosa Beach neighborhood, one of the three “Beach Cities”, has been home to the hidden gem known as Mickey’s Italian Delicatessen and Liquor Store.

Mickey's Deli Storefront

Since 1953, Mickey’s deli has been faithfully serving the Hermosa Beach community, offering Italian fare including their outstanding sandwiches, pizza, calzones, salads, fineĀ  wines and spirits; Mickey’s Deli is a one stop affair. Opened in 1953 by Korean War Veteran Michael “Mickey” Angelo Mance, Mickey’s Deli celebrates 65 years of remarkable service.

Mickey's Deli Counter

Mickey’s son Paul currently controls the operations of the business. Along with assists from fellow family members and longtime faithful employees, Mickey’s epitomizes the family run business.

Mickey's Deli Tables and Beer

Paul’s son, also known as “Mickey” is taking a leading role in the operations and has put more focus on the deli aspect of the business.

Mickey's Deli Hermosa Chicken Sandwich 4

Mickey’s Deli serves some of the most satisfying sandwiches in Los Angeles. One of the more popular sandwich offerings is the Hermosa Chicken Sandwich.

Mickey's Deli Hermosa Chicken Sandwich 2

This sandwich comprises of a juicy chicken breast which is grilled and sliced with melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, alfalfa sprouts and avocado. All ingredients are of the highest quality and with the first bite, it is clear that the roll in which is the sandwich’s foundation is one of the best to be found in Los Angeles.

Mickey's Deli Hermosa Chicken Sandwich 3

The flavors and textures are appealing on a primal level. It’s easy to get carried away when munching on this bad-ass sandwich.

Mickey's Deli Mickey's Combo 4

Another sandwich which satisfies the masses is the Italian Combo. This includes Buon Gusto Salami, Mortadella, Capacolla, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, pepperoncini, onions with oil and vinegar all on the same amazing bread.

Mickey's Deli Mickey's Combo 2Mickey's Deli Mickey's Combo 1

This glorious sandwich covers all flavors on one’s palate, being ultimately satisfying.

Mickey's Deli Massive Slice 1

Mickey’s deli is also a hot spot for another Italian favorite, Pizza. One can order a wide variety of toppings and sizes. This includes a social media phenomenon, the Massive Slice of Pizza.

Mickey's Deli Massive Slice 2

While not on the menu, one can request it and it will be made to your satisfaction.

Mickey's Deli Calzone 3

Another popular offering is the Calzone. Mickey’s Deli was kind enough to produce a Calzone filled with an extraordinary amount of pepperoni, bell peppers, pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Mickey's Deli Calzone 2

Practically the same size of the Massive Slice, this Calzone is the cure for your pizza cravings.

Mickey's Deli Liquor and Wine

No matter the order, Mickey’s Deli aims to please their customers with a friendly and accommodating laid-back beach vibe. They also offer catering services, an amazing way to help spread the word on the sensational quality the locals have been enjoying for 65 years. One can also purchase imported Italian products like wine, liquors, as well as local produce. Mickey’s Deli also bottles up their Mickey’s Original Pasta Sauce for sale.

Mickey's Pasta Sauce

Mickey’s Italian Delicatessen and Liquor Store proudly celebrates their 65th anniversary this year. Local’s have known about this hidden gem for decades. It’s time for the rest of the cities inhabitants to find out about Mickey’s. With great weather year-round, be sure to find some time to get down to Hermosa Beach and enjoy a side trip to Mickey’s for a meal. You will be more than satisfied and that is a guarantee.

Mickey’s Italian Delicatessen and Liquor Store

101 Hermosa Ave.

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

(310) 376-2330

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