Bourbon Steak and Corsair Miami Spice Review

By Oliva Guan

Miami Spice
Bourbon Steak & Corsair @ Turnberry Isle

It’s here. The hottest month of the year, but also the most delicious. That’s right, it’s Miami Spice Month. I had the tasty pleasure of previewing the Miami Spice menus at Bourbon Steak & Corsair, which I have to say are probably among THE best bang for your buck this entire month.


Let’s start with Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak. If you’ve never been here before, this is an incredible opportunity to taste what the buzz is all about for a very reasonable price tag. If you have been here, I’m sure you’ve already made reservations to enjoy your favorites and try some new items while they last.


The menu was all about bringing the very best out of what summer has to offer us. A flavorful fig paired with goat cheese and walnuts but balanced with aged balsamic dressing to awaken the palate; house-made Salmon pastrami with pumpernickel croutons and caper creme fraîche to savor while summer memories flash through your mind; and finally the Maine lobster risotto that is light and sweet with lemongrass, ginger, and corn that might make you want to lick the bowl.


It’s got steak in the name, so you should probably try the steak. If you’re familiar with Bourbon, you know that they poach their steaks in clarified butter. Yes. I know it sounds amazing. But did you know, it tastes AMAZING. This particularly gorgeous piece of meat was the BBQ glazed Angus Rib Eye. Surprisingly, the chicken breast was equally worthy of praise. The skin was perfectly crispy and golden and the chanterelle mushrooms and crispy pesto gnocchi were the best of accompaniments.


Scott Conant’s Corsair is the newer kid on the block, but this is an ideal opportunity for a meet and greet with their menu that includes incredibly flavorful squid ink campanelle with seafood balanced by scallions, their better-than-your-grandmother’s ricotta ravioli with baby tomatoes, and the only people to ever make meat like a kale chip that came with the incredibly crispy-skinned scottish salmon. The menu is an ode to fond family memories spent by the sea, perfect for August in south Florida. Be sure to make your reservations right now (what are you doing still reading instead of calling?) because these tables are going to get fully booked in no time.


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