Lure Fishbar Miami Spice Review – Alluring Seafood and Sushi

Lure Fishbar Miami Spice Review – Alluring Seafood and Sushi

Lure Fishbar is a seafood and sushi lovers’ dreamscape for this Miami Spice season. Housed inside the Loews Miami Beach Hotel on South Beach, Lure Fishbar offers fresh fish shipped in from Tokyo every Thursday, a raw oyster bar, and top notch sushi. It was a pleasure to begin happy hour by meeting the new culinary team behind the food creations, Executive Chef Nicolas Cabrera and Executive Sushi Chef Kiichi Okabe. Both fairly new to Miami, they shared stories of their culinary adventures prior to landing in Miami. From London to Dubai, collectively they’ve undoubtedly served up spectacular food worldwide.

Catch & Release - Lure Fishbar

The Catch and Release was my favorite cocktail this evening, consisting of vodka, dolin blanc vermouth, fresh pressed watermelon, lemon, and orange bitters. It was a sweet and tangy drink, reminiscent of pink lemonade, the best way to cool off the sizzling summer evenings in Miami.

Kampachi Crudo - Lure Fishbar

The Kampachi Crudo was my favorite choice amongst the appetizers. The Kampachi was melt in your mouth tender, delicately topped with micro basil, tomato, crispy onions and a dab of yuzu kosho, which is a Japanese sauce of fermented green peppers and chili paste.

Oysters Delight - Lure Fishbar

The next runner up was for sure the Oyster Delight with citrus caviar, cucumber, and watermelon radish. I loved the fresh caviar atop the oyster with with the cool cucumber, this was quite the unique oyster experience for me!

Sushi Platter - Lure Fishbar

The sushi platter was a nice selection of spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, hamachi, salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Every bit of this selection was enjoyable, but what really impressed me was their spicy tuna roll. Only dare to try if you legitimately enjoy the more fiery things in life, as this one packs a lot of heat a few notches higher than your average spicy tuna. It’s a love or hate thing, and I was infatuated.

Bavette Steak - Lure Fishbar

Feeling like you’ve had a bit much of the seafood at Lure Fishbar? No worries, we can get you anchored back to land with the Bavette Steak. The Bavette steak was served with miso butter sauce and caramelized cipollini. The miso butter sauce drenching this steak was an integral key to it’s irresistibility. As the lone meat choice on the Miami Spice Menu, the chefs did it right!

Upside Down Strawberry Cheesecake - Lure Fishbar

The Upside Down Strawberry Cheesecake was across the board everyone’s favorite dessert of the evening. It almost looked too pretty to eat, but once your mouth hits the first spoonful, its game over. This deconstructed cheesecake is served with strawberry sorbet, meringue wafer sticks, graham cracker crumble and fresh strawberry sauce. 

Key Lime Pie - Lure Fishbar

Something a little lighter on the tastebuds was the Key Lime Pie. This is a Florida classic! Created in-house, the Key Lime Pie is as home-made as it gets.

Chef Kiichi Okabe - Lure Fishbar

Executive Chefs Nicolas Cabrera and Kiichi Okabe reminded us all that these dishes at Lure Fishbar are only around for the Miami Spice menu, so be sure to catch these dishes while you can, as Miami Spice runs through September 30. Every season they work to design entirely new menus keeping it as fresh as their fish, so make sure you get a chance to revel in these dishes while you can!

Lure Fishabr Miami Spice Menu


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