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Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer Review


Dining at Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer in Berlin is the culinary journey of a lifetime. Even kings and queens would be humbled by the magnificent service and grandeur at this Two Star Michelin Rated restaurant. The sumptuous setting hosted fantastic cuisine with artistic presentations that would make Michelangelo proud. This meal will be one of the greatest gastronomical gifts you can bestow upon yourself.

Chef Hendrick Otto’s Quintessence II menu was enthralling. I elected the full eight courses along with the suggested wine pairings. With all the extra goodies they bring, it ends up being closer to 15 courses. Chef Otto is a sweet and incredibly talented maestro who exudes an affable & humble energy. Growing up his family grew fruits and vegetables, instilling a reverence for fresh ingredients and learning sensational old school recipes. His goal is to stimulate all of your senses and take you on riveting new flavor adventures, which he accomplishes in a grandiose fashion.

While the entire experience was exceptional, it was the staff that placed the figurative bow on this gift. Their performance was a synchronized ballet full of smiles and laughter. They were exceptionally funny, warm and accommodating throughout the four-hour grand tasting.


The evening commenced with an arrival of pre-course goodies: prawns drenched in chicken liver, a delightful peach and pear champagne libation, Parmesan breadsticks and so much more. Each dish was presented as if it belonged in the Louvre and made me swoon in bliss.

lorenz apps

lorenz spoon

The bread over rocks in the Garden of Eden was the most exquisite bread presentation I have ever ever witnessed. The crispy yet soft varieties were heightened with a truffle mayonnaise as well as a tomato and celery sauce.

lorenz bread

The Goose Liver / Frozen & Raw, a captivating foie gras ice cream, was an art piece in taste, appearance and execution. I was savoring every mind-blowing bite as dust from the cracker gleefully puffed from my mouth. The ginger, almond, raspberry, green peppercorn and orange peel gracing the top of the cracker swirled together in a symphonic fashion. The sweet German wine paired with this decadent dish was perfectly balanced and complemented the foie sensationally.

lorenz foie

The Pork Shoulder cooked table side on a diminutive backyard grill was quite tasty, but it was the Chef’s mother’s German potato side dish that was my favorite part, creating a beautiful interpretation of “meat and potatoes.”

lorenz steak

The soft and salty bread with Camembert & Perigord truffle sauce blew my palate to smithereens. I still fantasize about this plate. The cheese and truffle combination in a warm cream contrasted against the spongy bread in a heavenly manner.

lorenz salty bread

Even the coffee presentation was rare and gorgeous.


In preparation for dessert, they presented an uncommon palate cleanser beginning with foaming tangerine-scented dry ice. This was coupled with a dish comprised of tangerine, gin & tonic chunks and grapefruit sorbet. A truly innovative and sublime way cleanse the palate.


Both the Coconut Mango (passion fruit, caramelized skin of milk, black tea, rose, basil) and Chocolate Air and Cream (blackberry, sea buckthorn, hip, oat flakes, buffalo milk, lavender) desserts were outstanding. The composition of the diverse ingredients added enchanting layers of flavor to every blissful spoon.


lorenz dessert

While those two desserts were divine, it was the Carrot Cake with Dill Ice Cream & Rosemary Cotton Candy which blew my mind. The cake was immersed in a celestial apple and carrot sauce topped with phenomenal dill ice cream. The flavor composition was breathtaking. It was accompanied by rosemary cotton candy with a white chocolate bon bon at the base that was unique and exquisite. It was one of the most epic desserts I have ever devoured.


lorenz cotton candy

There are a select group of special restaurants around the globe that are capable of delivering a mesmerizing dining experience that will be permanently etched into your memory and Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer is definitely among them.  This haven is located in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, which is a feast for the eyes. The impeccable and entertaining service is fit for nobility. Add that to the aesthetically ravishing dishes that are packed with intense delectable flavors and you have one of the most paramount dining experiences of your entire existence.

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