Liverpool Jeans Company – Praise the Jean Gods and Take My Money

Liverpool Jeans Company – Praise the Jean Gods and Take My Money

Written by Jessica Lewandowski

To put it quite simply, I’m one of those people that avoids wearing jeans unless it’s absolutely necessary. Why? Because I never have good shopping experiences when I’m looking for jeans. Something is always too tight, too loose, and never, ever just right. Think of me like the Goldilocks of pants. Liverpool Jeans Company asked me to try on a couple pairs of their jeans, and, needless to say, I made sure to keep my expectations limited. This is not because I thought the jeans would be bad, but I am so, so picky when it comes to my comfort level.

Liverpool Jean

My normal experience with finding a new pair of jeans means I’m sacrificing some type of comfort. Sometimes the material is too itchy, sometimes I have to by a size larger than normal to fit them over my butt and thighs, and sometimes I simply don’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for one clothing item (sorry, Kardashians, but your jeans are not happening in my lifetime). Well, hallelujah, and praise the jean gods, because I immediately fell in love with the Liverpool jeans.

The first pair I tried on was the Piper “Hugger” Ankle Skinny in a size 6. For the record, that is the normal size I usually wear, so you likely won’t have to guess the size you purchase. I was shocked to feel how easily they slid on, and they fit so perfectly. I’m not exaggerating in the least when I say perfect. These skinny jeans were soft, stretchy, and they hit right at the base of my ankles (I’m 5’3″, so that’s saying something). I could definitely wear these on breezy summer days or throughout the cold seasons. Check out how good my butt looks in these! Don’t be jealous:

Liverpool Jeans Piper Skinny

The next pair I tried on was the Elliot Boyfriend Short in Stockton Destruct. These were also a size 6. I would suggest that, at least for the boyfriend shorts, consider going down a size or running them through the wash to shrink them up just a tad. The latter option worked for me, and I really liked having the slightly loose fit of the boyfriend style. For me, that screams “ultimate comfort”. 

Liverpool Jeans Elliot Boyfriend

Liverpool Jeans Company offers a ton of options for women, from skinny jeans, to shorts, to bootcuts, to capris, and more. There’s a nice selection for the guys, as well. Even better, everything is under $100! Bring out the gospel choir – it’s time to celebrate!

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