Lique Miami is a Sensual Venue

It seems that fun new spots are popping up all over Sunny Isles these days. Lique, (pronounced Li Q) is the newest edition. Lique represents the bon vivant lifestyle with an international menu. Bon Vivant is “a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink.” It is owned by the team that brought us the incredibly popular Sweet Nectar in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Lique ambiance pulsates with an ample degree of seductive and suave energy. There is a full raw bar, dockside seating and a sultry soundtrack to get your date(s) in the mood. We decided to dine inside because there was this alluring draw in the restaurant that we gravitated towards. Carla was our magnificent bartender turned waitress for the night and took blissful care of us. She made us a striking Rosemary libation that we both enjoyed.


The restaurant has a lounge attached with a cigar bar boasting over 40 cigars and various types of hookahs. The lounge is open till early morning and busts out karaoke on some nights. We were there for the soft opening so the whole menu was not available. The cuisine has notes of creativity like a Sous vide egg as well as lamb and a salad with a poached egg in it.

The Roasted Beef Bone Marrow with short rib marmalade and air dried chives was prolific. It was a dish that compels your mouth to moan after sampling. I have never been a fan of bone marrow served plain, but when you smear it on succulent meat it adds an intoxicating depth of flavor akin to heavenly foie gras.


The Shedonist was a gigantic fan of the Sushi. It was a rice-less style of sushi that was light and jam packed with seafood.

The cleverly named Tacushi (taco sushi) comes in three styles and we were served the shredded crab and avocado with Siracha mayo. It was a solid mix of savory, spice and crunch.


The 28 hour Korean Braised Dino Bone was soft enough to evaporate in your mouth. The succulent short rib meat was clinging to the ginormous bone for dear life. Don’t be afraid to pick it up and gnaw on it caveman style, it is a ton of fun. The dish was quite enjoyable, but we recommend adding some of your own spice to kick it up a notch.


The Banana Carpaccio Brulee was an innovative dessert well executed. The bananas were sliced razor thin and had a crunchy consistency.


We had a wonderful time at Lique. The ambiance, staff and food created a romantic, sexy and tasty experience. We are excited to return to try the rest of their menu.

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