LIQS – Your Upgrade For Summer Parties Has Arrived

LIQS – Your Upgrade For Summer Parties Has Arrived

Written and Photos by Jessica Lewandowski

I’ll admit that I’m not huge on doing shots. To be honest, the main reasons are because I positively suck at slurping down straight alcohol without choking, and quirky-named concoctions just get too complicated for me. Fuzzy Navel? No, thanks, I’d rather drink something that doesn’t make me think about hairy belly buttons. LIQS’ premade cocktail shots are the happy middle between convenience, simplicity, and a good buzz.

LIQS shots

If I’m having guests over in the summer, we usually have the grill fired up, our tiki torches ablaze, and nothing too special going on in the drink department. Some domestic beers and maybe a bottle of wine or two is what normally takes place because I’m not about to play bartender all night. LIQS premade cocktail shots are perfect for somebody like me: now, I can offer more variety to my guests, and the only fingers I’m lifting are to peel back the foil lids to my shots. Yay!

LIQS lids

I gathered a few friends together, so we could share and sample all of the shots LIQS sent over to me. I received two of each flavor, and they were packaged very nicely in a black box. The cocktail shot flavors included Vodka Kamakaze, Whiskey Fireshot, Tequila Cinnamon Orange, Vodka Lemon Drop, and Vodka Lychee Grapefruit.

LIQS lemon drop

My friends and I passed around the shots (yes, we drank all ten) and talked about our favorite flavors. The Vodka Kamakaze is pretty straight forward, but it has a hint of vanilla, so it goes down sweet. The Whiskey Fireshot isn’t overly creamy or thick, and we all agreed that it was almost like taking a shot of Irish cream with a little extra whiskey. The Tequila Cinnamon Orange was a favorite with the guys; the tequila actually went down really smooth, and the cinnamon and orange combo highlighted all the right flavors. The Vodka Lemon Drop was another standard shot, but it was made with real lemon juice and raw cane sugar, so it tasted pure and citrus-y. Finally, the Vodka Lychee Grapefruit shot was the crowd favorite with the ladies (including myself). This shot didn’t taste sugary or syrupy. Instead, it had a vibrant, citrus taste that was absolutely delicious, and it was the perfect shade of Millennial Pink!

LIQS lychee grapefruit

LIQS premade cocktail shots are great for anybody because the brand uses premium liquors, real fruit juice, raw sugar cane, and they’re totally Kosher. Each shot is between 85 and 120 calories, and the packaging is recyclable. Trust me, two or three of these LIQS cocktail shots will put you in the prime mood for a summer BBQ or poolside party!

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