Lightkeepers at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne – Making a Splash in Cocktails, Food and Service

Lightkeepers at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne – Making a Splash in Cocktails, Food and Service

Does it get better than ocean views, sea breezes and cocktails? Didn’t think so. Lightkeepers is the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne’s newest baby and they are making a splash! From the indoor/outdoor bar, craft cocktails and outstanding eats – you can’t go wrong. Start with a cocktail – specifically the el farito – Lighthouse Gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh pressed lime juice, house made mint, cranberry + cucumber syrup, fever tree soda, or the Loggerhead Lavender – Old St. Pete Gin, raspberry liqueur, lavender + lime syrup, fresh pineapple, & fever tree gin. Not only are both of these super tasty and refreshing, they’re served in the prettiest glasses. Lightkeeper’s really has paid attention to the details. Lightkeepers is giving you the Ritz Carlton feel with being a casual eatery at the same time. Nothing will make you feel like you’re on vacation more than the seafood tower – east+west coast oysters, Key West shrimp, Alaskian king crab, Cedar key clams. Served with all of the sauces and butters you could ever want. Everything is incredibly fresh and delicious.

Lightkeepers seafood tower

Do not skip the salads on this menu! Usually that’s one of the things I kind of just rule out right away. The beets + burrata is not only delicious but it is a thing of beauty. With roasted+raw beets, Rocco’s burrata, heirloom cherry tomatoes, foraged mushrooms, pumpkin oil. The flavors in here are so earthy and from the combination of the beets and mushrooms, and to top it all off the pumpkin oil hits the spot.

lightkeepers beets&burratta

Before I get into the main dishes I want to explain something really cool that Lightkeeper’s has adapted from Spain. It’s called a Josper – a custom made charcoal oven imported from Spain that combines the techniques of grilling + roasting into one. Could you imagine what this does to a steak? Which, surprisingly isn’t what I ordered this time. I decided to spread my wings and order the local snapper – baby zucchini, sun choke, kohlrabi, key lime preserve. This fish was cooked perfectly, it’s fileted and has crispy skin on the top. The key lime preserve add a whole other element really making you feel like you’re in the Keys!

lightkeepers snapper

Now – this next dish is important for you to order – you HAVE to. The crispy brussel sprouts – sweet chili and horseradish. Do not take my words lightly – these are the BEST brussels I have ever had. They’re sweet and crispy and salty and I may or may not have ordered some to go…GET THEM.

lightkeepers brussel sprouts

Then order the key lime cheesecake – with strawberries and merengue. Absolutely incredible textures and flavors!

light keepers key lime cheesecake

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