Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Food Hacks will literally change your life! We all use the kitchen or at least watch our mom, loved one or slave operate in it. So how about we lend a hand, well not a hand helping out, but use the hand to send them this link to make their kitchen lives way easier and more rewarding. I have found some helpful, mind blowing and super fattening dishes, tips, tricks and food hacks that will make you want to hug me next time you see me. I do love hugs. enjoy these Ingenious Food Hacks!


1.) We love bread, we love cheese and this might be the easiest and perfect marriage of these two staples. Make easy cheesy bread with an already-baked loaf and as a bonus add bacon.


2.) Breakfast just got way more interesting and artistic.




3.) Use a peeler to create pretty lemon flowers and share with your loved one. When life gives you lemons, make flowers. 



4.) Melted banana split destroys Carvel!



5.) Use an apple core on potatoes for quick french fry ready wedges.



6.) No more sticky hands, at least from popsicles 😉



7.) Making ice cream sandwiches is easy, if you have a hot, sharp knife. Not available for inmates.



8.) Put the egg in the burger, cuz every burger needs an egg inside. 



9.) Behold Taco holders, coming soon as a Dorito from Taco Bell.



10.) Swirly cake is soooo easy and decadent.



11.) Bacon Pancakes, need we really say more? 



12.) Use a clothespin to make chopsticks foolproof even for Gringos.



13.) Cheap hangers are awesome for chip clips. 



14.) Strawberry Fields forever, but without stems.



15.) Employ muffin/cupcake liners to stop those greedy bugs from drinking yo soda or beer.



16.) Carefully use a balloon and melted chocolate for a fancy, edible bowl just do not let Gallagher near it!



17.) Electric carving knife + bundt cake pan = easy corn on the cob annihilation. 



18.) Orange is the new Black way to peel.



19.) Wet your fingers to get the naughty shell out. 



20.) Cinnamon Bacon Roll will be the life of the party



21.) Easy cookie milkshake concoction



These insanely helpful and brilliant Food Hacks first appeared on The Meta Picture but I added way better copy 😉


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