La Moderna Miami Review – Stellar Ravioli & Blackcherry Panna Cotta

La Moderna Miami Review

Had the pleasure of checking at the new Italian spot La Moderna Miami with Mami a Concierge extraordinaire at Miami Up 2 You. La Moderna South Beach captures the spirit and energy of La Moderna’s original location in the once-working class, now fashionable Testaccio neighborhood of Rome. La Moderna offers a full menu of modern Italian dishes from la cucina (the kitchen), skillfully crafted cocktails and pizza. Check out our La Moderna Miami Review Video:

Masterfully-crafted cocktails, include eight signature drinks inspired by movies, art and pop culture, are designed to perfectly complement the food. Staff will offer cocktail pairing suggestions for each dish and many of the mixers, such as grenadine and orgeat, are made in house. The over-sized bar will host award-winning, guest bartenders from La Moderna’s Rome location and from across Europe.


Pizza is made using a Neapolitan flour which proofs for over 70 hours, to produce a light and airy crust. The dough is kneaded on special Carrara marble, which is considered the best surface for pizza making. All pizzas are topped with the freshest ingredients, including buffalo mozzarella (exclusively) and baked in a Stefano Ferrara handmade brick oven.


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La moderna mIami italian food

La moderna mIami italian food

La moderna mIami italian food

La moderna mIami italian food

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