La Martinique Partners with Norwegian Air for a Trip to Paradise.

La Martinique partners with Norwegian Air for a Trip to Paradise.

The French Caribbean Island, La Martinique, also known as the Isle of Flowers, was discovered many centuries ago. This beautiful gem of an island lies between Dominica, St. Lucia, and Barbados. And, just like these other popular islands, Martinique has become the ideal vacation spot for all. Its largest city, Fort-de-France, features La Savane, a garden bordered by shops and cafes. The island also features grand hotels like the French Coco, the Bakoua, the Bambou, the La Pagerie and the Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa. The French Island also offers nature expeditions, water sports, exquisite restaurants celebrations, cruises and so much more.

Hotels & Restaurants 

La Martinique La MartiniqueLa Martinique

The French Coco, one of La Martinique’s top rated hotel, brings the vibrant atmosphere of the small fishing village of Tartane that the hotel resides. The French Coco presents 16 suites each with private pools and gourmet restaurants. When traveling to La Martinique, we definitely recommend making this luxurious boutique hotel your home away from home.

La MartiniqueLa Martinique

Once you settle at one of Martinique’s grand hotels, make sure to check out their gourmet corner showcasing some very superb Caribbean cuisine. One of my favorites, in particular, is the Le Pitaya. Your taste buds will automatically adore you when you experience these creole inspired dishes.

Explorations & More.

La MartiniqueLa MartiniqueLa Martinique


Looking for some adventures at your stay in The Isle of Flowers? Well look no further, because La Martinique has you covered. The Domaine D’emeraude nature exploration site is one of the French island’s most visited exploration sites.  This site spreads over 60 acres of land with an impeccable view on every corner. You can find peace and tranquility when walking a fifteen, thirty, or sixty, minute trail in the heart of the Domaine rainforest; or when you experience Domaine D’emeraude’s park and gallery sites.

How can you finally dive in and begin your luxurious stay at La Martinique?! Norwegian Air is how. As of October 30th, Norwegian Airlines has launched its non-stop services from Fort Lauderdale to Fort-de-France, Martinique’s capital, to allow easy travels to and from the Island.

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