Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Doral

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Doral

Doral is a town that is currently booming while it figures out its place in the South Florida landscape. While it may not quite “be there” just yet, it is certainly earning it’s stripe and carving out ways to be recognized and stand apart. Construction is booming and it looks awesome. Why? Because with construction of new, cool looking apartment buildings and the creation of a city center comes new, cool places to eat. This Kokai Sushi Lounge Review aims to tell you a little bit about one of these new, cool places to eat.

Kokai Sushi Lounge is more than just a sushi place, which in and of itself is great, this place however is a neat little hangout spot for you and some friends. Strip away the need to keep up appearances of more upscale neighborhoods and hotspots but upgrade the chic, quaint decor of your favorite sports bar and you come close to what you get with Kokai. The best part is that while it is a nice place to hang with some friends, the food you will have here will surely bond these relationships for life and that’s exactly what food is supposed to do. That is what makes so many people in the restaurant’s home in Venezuela #KrazyforKokai . It looks like the same will happen here in Miami.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Suzuki Fry

The Suzuki Fry is the dish that will stop whatever conversation you and your friends are having and replace it with a conversation about how much you love the dish and Kokai. It is basically deep fried white fish stuffed with crab, scallions, and avocado, plated on their special cheese sauce. Did you just read that? Yes. Is it as ridiculous in your mouth as it sounds? More. I’m telling you, you and your friends will love this one.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Tuna

The Aderezo De Atun is kind of like Kokai’s version of Tuna Tataki except that the pepper and sesame seeds are not ground into a paste like traditional tataki. I love seared tuna so this is always a go to for me and was wonderful here.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Magic Sake

Another favorite for me is salmon. Kokai’s Magic Sake gives you fresh, never frozen, thin slices of salmon with julienned green apples over their special sauce. You will want to order a couple of these. This was such an incredible fresh tasting dish.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Ebi Kani

The Ebi Kani roll is a standout at Kokai. You’ll find it in the “Rolls Especiales” section of their menu. It is shrimp tempura, scallions, spicy mayo, cream cheese and eel topped with crunchy crab and their special sweet and sour sauce.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Dynamite

Their Dynamite Roll which contains surimi, avocado and crab roe is surprisingly fresh tasting. This is a good light roll that you can pop like popcorn. If any in your group are not really into raw fish or are hesitant to be adventurous, this is their dish.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Tropical

Here’s where the South Florida influence comes into play. Kokai has created the Tropical Roll. It’s basically what you would imagine a sushi place would come up with to honor the latin cuisine of the area. Thinly sliced plantains over sushi rice and lobster are topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds for a garnish.

Kokai Sushi Lounge Review Green Tea Cheescake

No sushi place is complete without cheesecake? No gimmicky Thai doughnuts here. Kokai has come up with their own little concoctions for dessert. Try the Green Tea Cheesecake while you’re there. It graham cracker crust is replaced with toasted coconut. Yeah, exactly, you’re welcome.

Overall I think that bringing this lounge concept to sushi in Doral is a hit. I definitely recommend coming down with a bunch of good friends to have some good food and a good time. Make sure to try some of their authentic Japanese beers as well. Kokai Sushi Lounge opened its doors just a few short weeks ago and we hope they stay that way for a long, time. Get your sushi fix in Doral at 9300 NW 25th St. Doral, Fl. 33172. My thanks to our gracious hosts. Can’t wait to go back soon!

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