KLIMA Miami –Catalan-Mediterranean Cuisine with a Modern Edge

KLIMA Miami –Catalan-Mediterranean Cuisine with a Modern Edge

KLIMA Miami effortlessly blends exquisite nouvelle cuisine and Barcelona elegance in a relaxed setting. This was my impression after a recent dining experience. While Executive Chef Ilde Ferrer prepared an eclectic menu of seasonal fish, seafood, meats and pasta dishes, my guest and I enjoyed the serene atmosphere of the stylish Spanish restaurant and bar.

klima Miami - KLIMA Restaurant and Bar - courtesy of KLIMA

Spain and its chefs, such as Ángel León, Jose Andres, and Ferran Adrià i Acosta, have had the greatest influence on contemporary gastronomy to date. At KLIMA, this innovative Catalan-Mediterranean fare has been extended to Miami Beach.

klima Miami - Yago Giner (L) and Pablo Fernandez-Valdes - courtesy of KLIMA

The culinary vision for KLIMA Miami reflects the roots of the founders, Pablo Fernández-Valdés and Yago Giner, while combining the very best in local ingredients sourced from premium South Florida suppliers.

KLIMA Restaurant and Bar - klima Miami - courtesy of KLIMA

Starting at the evening at the sleek bar, while waiting for my dinner companion, I ordered the Wint N Lila from KLIMA’s Gin & Tonic menu. This G&T is made with the Spanish botanical Gin and Fever Tree Tonic with a squeeze of Lime, then garnished with a Cucumber slice and slapped Mint. This clean and refreshing, but gigantic, drink could easily last one through happy hour.

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klima Miami - wint n lila

When I mentioned to the barman, Ricardo, that I have a sweet and spicy palate, he created a gin cocktail tailored to my taste.

Made with Bombay Gin, he muddled Rosemary, added Cointreau and Serrano Pepper Liqueurs, then sprinkled Chile Powder and garnished with Rosemary Leaves and rings of Jalapeno Peppers. The cocktail I had dubbed Dyonisia Martini, after myself, had indeed a sweet and spicy forward, followed by a muy piquante kickback that I thoroughly enjoyed until drained to the last fiery drop.

klima Miami - dyonisia martini by ricardo

Once my guest arrived, we walked past modern Spanish artwork that accents the restaurant’s wooden and rustic cast-iron décor, through the interior dining room, and onto the veranda to our table.

klima Miami - KLIMA Interior - courtesy of KLIMA

The outdoor sub-tropical pérgola is partially covered by cane ceiling sections allowing views of the sky. Like the indoor dining room, trailing foliage, potted plants and greenery climb the iron metal framework that surrounds the outdoor dining room.

klima Miami - tuna toast

We ordered a few light tapas from KLIMA’s menu, starting with the Tuna Toast – a bright red Tuna Crudo richly flavored with Chipotle, Leeks and Lime, and piled on top of crispy Tortilla Rounds. Next, sliced Spanish Octopus that was charcoal-grilled in a Josper Oven, and served on Garbanzo Bean puree.

klima Miami - grilled octopus

The Josper Oven is a unique charcoal-filled oven from Spain that grills meats evenly and with a perfect tenderness, resulting in a taste similar to that of an outdoor barbeque. The Josper Oven at KLIMA Miami is only one of two currently being used in South Florida.

klima Miami - hamachi with plankton

Lastly, Yellow Tail Hamachi Tiradito with Plankton. KLIMA’s innovative kitchen has recently begun experimenting with this microscopic Spice of the Sea to embellish the flavor of a variety of their seafood dishes.  The Hamachi was lightly drizzled the freeze-dried green powder that seasoned the Tiradito like a blast of ocean spray.

These three small plate appetizers are common to a number of Miami dining establishments. So much so that I routinely avoid them, opting instead for more unique dishes. However, I instinctively understood I would never find anything remotely ordinary on KLIMA’s menu.

klima Miami - fennel salad

Case in point, the Fennel Carpaccio, a signature favorite on the salad menu, made with white ribbons of thinly sliced Fennel that has a crunchy texture like cabbage slaw. Combined with Stracciatella di bufala (soft stretched-curd Burrata), and tangy Oven Dried Tomatoes, then, lightly dressed in a Citrus Vinaigrette, this is a very flavorful, yet clean tasting cold salad.

For the main course, I targeted the Secreto Ibérico (Iberian Secret), which the cut of meat taken between the shoulder blade and the loin of Black Iberian Pigs. KLIMA roasts the pork blade, which has the color and texture of Filet Mignon, in their Jopser oven.

klima Miami - secreto iberico pork

The juicy, thin-sliced Pork so tender that, served in combination with creamy Fingerling Potato Puree and rich Spanish Sherry reduction Sauce, the dish melts in your mouth.

klima Miami - torrija with vanilla bean creme

We finished our meal with two classic desserts, with inventive twists. First, Torrija -Caramelized Brioche served with tangy Greek Yoghurt ice cream. This classic Spanish dessert is prepared similar to French toast, but tasting more like a soft bread pudding. This one-two punch dessert was a knockout.

klima Miami - borracho

Followed by the Borracho –a Disaronno Amaretto soaked Almond Cake. This traditional Spanish cake has a unique texture from grounded almonds and egg whites. By saturating the confection with the sweet, almond-flavored, Italian liqueur, it becomes borracho or drunk. Served with a Vahlrona Chocolate Ganache and Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream, this dessert is deliciously decadent.

KLIMA Restaurant and Bar is located at 210 23rd Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139.  For dinner reservations, call:  786.453.2779 or by email: Reservations@klimamiami.com.

For more information, visit www.klimamiami.com

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