KIN White Whiskey – Dangerously Delicious on LA Summer Nights

KIN White Whiskey – Dangerously Delicious on Los Angeles Summer Nights

By Samantha Dockser

Nothing says summertime like a party, and nothing says a party like great drinks. One of this summer’s hottest new trends is White Whiskey. Blazing the trail is the refreshingly rebellious and dangerously delicious KIN White Whiskey. KIN is a Los Angeles-based White Whiskey spirit, which turns “outlaws into legends and rule breakers into icons.” Intense in design, distilled to be smooth, it was born from the desire to create a White Whiskey to challenge preconceptions of American Moonshine. Here are just a few KIN White Whiskey drinks in Los Angeles that you need to hit up this summer.

El Japones

Available at Toca Madera the El Japones is made with KIN White Whiskey, Kikori, watermelon, Thai basil, lime, sriracha, and salt.

KIN White Whiskey

KIN’s Cup

Available at Barrel & Ashes KIN’s Cup is comprised of KIN White Whiskey, muddled cucumber, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, orange mint infused syrup and Chio Charo. Warning, this beverage has been known to bring out your wild side.

KIN White Whiskey

White Wedding

Available at E.P. & L.P, this drink is a personal favorite. It is made of KIN White Whiskey, cold pressed jicama juice, Orgeat, lemon juice, shaken and topped with Peychaud’s bitters.

KIN White Whiskey

It is no joke that KIN’s White Whiskey will bring out your wild side. This whiskey is so much sweeter than the whiskey you may be familiar with, that you’ll hardly even taste it. It’s dangerously delicious and goes down so easily. With no solvent flavor or after-taste, KIN never touches a barrel, is distilled with spring water and never ages. Hand crafted with an alcohol volume of 40% and 80 proof, KIN is a premium white spirit. With a clean drinking profile, KIN is perfect for mixology as well as drinking straight. Sip it. Mix it. Shoot it. It’s designed for experimentation and innovation.

Currently available in 750ml bottles from a variety of on trade locations in Los Angeles, in addition to off trade service in a selection of notable bars, restaurants and hotels within Los Angeles and San Diego. And for a some inspired summertime recipes, be sure to check out KIN’s website.

KIN’s brand ethos is confident, rebellious and independent as hell. It’s proud to be immature…and delicious. What more could a hedonist want?

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