JChef – A Wonderful Certified Kosher Meal Kit Delivery Service

JChef – A Wonderful Certified Kosher Meal Kit Delivery Service

It is not easy being an Orthodox Jew. Sooooo many rules, laws and obligations to follow. When it comes to keeping Kosher there is finally a meal kit delivery option to make our lives easier! JCHef is a delectable and easy way to whip up a Kosher dinner for yourself or extended family. For those who observe kosher laws or simply prefer a kosher diet. JChef, a new Miami based certified kosher meal kit delivery service, bundles delicious and easy to prepare kosher recipes with perfectly portioned locally sourced ingredients in a convenient weekly box. JChef is certified kosher by KM Kosher Miami and all ingredients are checked and certified kosher by on site Mashgiach.

We tested out the Spicy Chicken and Spaghetti and Meatballs for Shabbas and enjoyed both dishes! Fresh, flavorful and easy to make. We would recommend ordering both. 

Founder Gabriel Saul attributes the origin of JChef to a lack of adequate kosher options in the marketplace. “Many of my friends and family keep kosher. With their busy schedule it became difficult to source certified kosher ingredients and find new recipes to keep their meals exciting” said Saul. “I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a meal kit that would work for anyone who observed kosher laws. I asked numerous other members in my Jewish community and they expressed the same frustration.”

Saul further elaborated the goals of JChef; “It’s not just about delicious meals or easy recipes, we understand the importance of keeping kosher and how, up until now, keeping kosher meant going to the market and worrying about what to cook or ordering unhealthy and expensive takeout. We not only wanted to save our subscribers the headache of going to the grocery store and deciding what to cook, we also wanted to bring families together by making cooking kosher delicious, easy, and fun.” A couple JChef highlights:

  • No Contracts, order on your schedule
  • Weekly subscription service
  • Certified Kosher by Kosher Miami
  • Mashgiach checks and washes all produce before shipping
  • plans starting at $72 a box
  • Classic, Family, Shabbat box subscription options
  • Generous portions
  • Premium cuts of meat, NY strip, salmon, etc.. no extra cost
  • Menu Changes Weekly

A “Classic” JChef box subscriptions starts as low as $72 a week for 2 nights and is perfectly portioned to feed 2 hungry adults or a single parent with up to 2 small children. Signing up for JChef is quick and easy on the website (www.JChef.com) and requires no monthly contract. Subscribers may skip up to 4 weeks at a time or cancel without penalty.

JChef currently ships to the entire state of Florida with with plans to expand to other states in the next few months.

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