Italy Food – 5 Extraordinary Italian Restaurants

Italy Food – 5 Extraordinary Italian Restaurants

Italy food is arguably the best in the world. Unless you are a wine aficionado, love being hit on by Italian dudes or are an archaeologist, it is by far the best part of this gorgeous country. Italians have masterfully and meticulously grown organic cheese, meat, veggies and wine for thousands of years. Every meal in Italy is an unique and gifted opportunity to make sweet sexy Barry White love to your palate and should not be squandered. The problem is there are soooooooo many spots to choose from, so how do you find the best Italy Food? Luckily we are here and have done rigorous research to find you beyond worthy restaurants. These 5 spots are remarkable and will delight your palates. While we only covered 5 cities in 2 weeks, here is a list of some of our favorite Italian Restaurants for your next trip to devour Italy food.


1) La Pergola

La Pergola may very well be the best meal of your life. This 3 star Michelin Roman venue will induce an irrevocable change in your palate. The 9-course tasting menu (220 Euros) is a gift that all who can must bestow upon their mouths. It will not merely be the most striking gastronomy you ever sample, but it will also be a ravishing art show, a learning experience and a marvelous, one-of-a-kind production from start to finish. The Duck Foie Gras with Apple, Almond and Amaretti and Fagotelli “La Pergola” were some of the best bites of my life.


Most food critics will tell you to make La Pergola your final meal in Italy, so you will still have the capacity enjoy the other fantastic restaurants across the country. While we are in concurrence with that tip, we urge you to secure your reservation at all costs. Whether it be taking out a mortgage, borrowing from a loan shark or renting out your wife or kids for a little — trust us, it is worth the price. Remember to book wayyyyyy in advance (months!!) and grab any spot you can, because this will be the greatest meal of your hallowed existence.

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2) Osteria Personale

Osteria Personale is a masterpiece. The owner Matteo Fantini is a former veterinarian turned brilliant chef and mad scientist that has prolifically pushed culinary taste, texture and creativity to an unchartered territory of innovative deliciousness.Florence is home to many amazing restaurants that cook traditional Italian food, but that’s not what you’ll find here. The affable Mateo has taken traditional dishes and reimagined them in smart and inventive ways. In fact, he does not even serve pasta!


His Burrata Cheese with Tomato Sorbet, Olive Crumble, Peas and Crispy Rocket was by far the best burrata we have ever had. The Steak Tartar with Asparagus Ice Cream and Sweet Garlic Cream was a true epiphany. This diminutive scoop of green cream irrevocably altered the way we look at asparagus. Upon first impact your brain is overloaded with immense endorphins from its pure astonishing delight. There is a slight asparagus taste to it but it is coupled with such an enrapturing cream that it literally mesmerizes you. This place will astonish you and is so reasonably priced!

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3) Ostaria Boccadoro

The exquisite Ostaria Boccadoro, is located in the magical city of Venice.  The name Boccadoro, translated as “golden mouth” from Italian (bocca d’oro) suits this place divinely. The owner & Chef Luciano Orlandi is profoundly charming and quite funny. The refined restaurant specializes in offering the freshest and most incredible seafood. Their menu is highly dependent on what’s available that day at the Rialto market. He utilizes the finest olive oil, light flour, fresh ingredients and no butter, so patrons are not bloated and sleepy after their meal. The staff is top notch and took care of us like we were family. This is a Chef who enjoys getting his hands dirty to plant, care for and check on his vegetables, which are the building blocks for his gifted cuisine.


The Fresh Sea Bream served with artichoke and fresh tomatoes was the softest, most silky fish that we have ever consumed. The deliriously seductive Warm Lava Cake with Orange was creative and perfect. It was the by far the best and most original lava cake we have ever experienced.

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4) Il Ridotto

Il Ridotto is located just behind the sumptuous St. Mark’s Basilica in gorgeous Venice. This trendy spot just received its first vaunted Michelin Star this year and we have a feeling another one is on its way soon. One of our favorite facets of Il Ridotto is that it is very affordable. They have lunch special where one can eat three tapas, one main and a mineral water for only 28 Euros! That is one of the best deals you will EVER find at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Chef Gianni’s inspiration always begins with the vegetables, which permeate throughout all of his dishes. Il Ridotto’s exalted cuisine combines flavors from all around the globe to create a new interpretation of old school Venetian cuisine.


The Rabbit Bon-Bon with Potatoes Mille-Feuille and Artichokes was simply divine. The rabbit had a deliciously succulent and uniquely Sirenic flavor. It had a dark meat chicken like texture with an enhanced and gratifying taste. The potato mille-feuille was an exquisite and trippy composition of very thin potato sheets combined into one potato cube. It had an onion like consistency that was so tasty. The “Caciucco” Fish Soup with Diverse Pastas and Lime Essence  Twas such a bountiful, delightful and soothing soup; every bite had velvety succulent seafood and pasta in it.

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5) Ristorante Grotta di Santa Caterina

Ristorante Grotta di Santa Caterina is a stellar spot in Siena run by a wonderful father and son team. The son, Francesco, manages this charming restaurant that is rich with culinary and equestrian history. Chef Bagoga was a famous jockey that decided after his retirement to cook professionally and has become an award winning chef. This delicious little restaurant is under an arched brick roof that is decorated with Bagoga’s awards, photos and paraphernalia from his lives as a jockey and a chef. 


We were monumentally impressed with the time and diligence imbued into the taste of their Slow Cooked Lentil Soup with Pheasant. This Soup was the epitome of comfort food. You can taste, smell and feel the TLC (time, love and care) that was poured into nurturing this congenial soup. It was cooked in the oven for 9 hours with a lentil and pheasant base. The pheasant was soft and had an almost meat like superb taste.

The magnificent Cinta Senese is a two-colored  ancient Tuscan breed,which is in between a pig and a wild boar. It was cooked to juicy perfection and served with a beautiful thin Carpaccio style layer of lard stretched over. It was well done on the outside but still warm and bursting with intoxicating red juices on the inside.

Ristorante Grotta di Santa Caterina is a MUST if you are in Siena. The cuisine is spectacular and so reasonably priced. The food is made with meticulous love and care and the ambiance is adorable.

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This was some of our favorite spots to get Italy food. If you feel like we missed any please let us know.

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