Ikura Sushi Lounge is a Diamond in the Raw

Ikura Sushi is Well Worth the Trip

We discovered Ikura Sushi Lounge while perusing through the restaurants listed on Local Dines, a fabulous website that offers discounted gift certificates for some really good spots. It was a veritable joy to dine there. The restaurant feels like a modern, cozy yet upscale-ish living room. The ever-so-talented chef is in the back corner for all to admire, working up his unique and creative slants on sushi. Three out of the four dishes we had were worth ordering again and two of them were marvelous.

Kanikama Crunch @ Ikura Sushi Lounge

The Kanikama Crunch was legitimately incredible. It was comprised of a specialty house crab salad, Tobiko and Crunchy Flakes. The mix of the soft and crunchy consistencies dripping with sweet, yet spicy combo was superb. It is one of their best dishes and a must order.

Urmaki Mango @ Ikura Sushi Lounge

The Urmaki Mango Roll drew our attention because we freaking adore mango and the Shedonist’s Dominican nature implores her to order any sushi that comes with cilantro. This unique roll contained: Salmon, Ikura Shrimp, Avocado, Cilantro, Tobiko Mix, Glazed Mangos and Aji Amrillo Sauce. The roll was tasty, unique and the glazed mango was a beautiful touch.

Honey Moon @ Ikura Sushi Lounge

The Honey Moon Roll was really the only dish we did not love. It had Ikura Shrimp, Kani-kamaboko, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Shaved Roasted Coconut, Almonds, Walnut Dust, Scallions, Sonali Suce and Hachimitsu. The coconut, almond and walnut dust ingredients enticed us and it was good, but it did not blow our palates out of the water.

Tom-Atu Heat @ Ikura Sushi Lounge

The Tom-Atu Heat Roll was by far our favorite of the night. It was literally mouth-watering. This sublime roll is baked and contains Ikura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Walnuts Dust, Eel Sauce and is topped with the amazing Kanikama Crunch appetizer. It is a triumphant roll that we will definitely drive down to Coral Gables to sample again.

The sushi is scrumptious, bountiful (read: large ass pieces) and there is an abundance of them on the plate. The place is small, but the waiter was always attentive as well as gracious. The prices are reasonable too, with most specialty rolls in the $15 range. It was a sheer delight Ikura and we shall be back again to try that gorgeous salmon roll pictured at the top.

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