III Points Music Festival 2017 – Enter the Vortex of Bass, Art, and Tech

III Points Music Festival 2017 – Enter the Vortex of Bass, Art, and Tech

The 5th Annual III Points Music Festival 2017 absolutely smashed all previous sales and records like no other year before. With a lineup absolutely dripping with musical stars, it’s no surprise tickets were sold out before the festival even opened its doors. Enshrouded in an industrial atmosphere, Wynwood gave itself up to the pull of the gigantic disco ball suspended by a construction crane for three days of mind melting music, interactive art, and virtual reality technology.

disco ball III Points Music Festival 2017

Prior to the festival we recommended these 11 Artists to see over the weekend, and every single one blew the mind. Surrounded by stacked shipping containers the Gorillaz, Bonobo, Nicolas Jaar, and The XX at the Mindmelt stage took my soul on a spiritual journey beneath the disco ball in the sky, invoking emotions within that delved far deeper than a normal festival state. I laughed, I cried, I sang, and danced as did everyone around me! Throughout this weekend I would periodically stand and observe the faces of my fellow party-goers. For typical festival standards, III points had this unique intimacy about it that I don’t believe the locals of Miami get to experience often. In the shadows of the club, we don’t get to connect with one another on the level you do over the course of three days in a row. It forced us Miamians to cast off that stiff mask we wear at times and to acknowledge that in the times when adversity seems so great now, we can still get together and enjoy the present moment.

gorillaz III Points Music Festival 2017

The xx III Points Music Festival 2017

Bonobo III Points Music Festival 2017

With the vast space of Mana Complex to play around in, III Points continued to carry over their remarkable cultivation of a variety of stages to the delights of our explorations. Door IV was a definite hidden gem, cozily nestled in a cove to the left of the White Dragon stage. Door IV played host to parties from the likes of iconic Chicago label Teklife, legendary local venue Electric Pickle, Space Tapes, Castaway, Made in Miami, Link Miami Rebels, Slap and Tickle and more. The Pickle and Link Miami Rebels parties were seriously rowdy fun. Inside White Dragon was one of my personal favorite sets from Wolf Story. They are a local Miami duo and their set seriously brought on some eargasms with deep, soulful house music mixed with funky beats that kept me dancing the whole time. White Dragon was an indoor air conditioned haven with its own bar, bathrooms, Blackdove virtual reality, benches to sit on, and white hot music thumping the entire time. Between this and Door IV, I was happy as a clam and there was still so much more festival to explore!

Door IV Stage III Points Music Festival 2017

White Dragon stage iii points music festival 2017

III Points Festival also featured Activation Points located all around Miami. These were special events hosted outside the festival that dove deeper into the world of art and music itself and not just the performances. One such particular one was Girls Can Spin Too. Hosted at the Plymouth Hotel in Miami Beach by local collective (F)empower MIA, this class was all about strong female creative energy and learning to mix. I had the greatest time playing with the mixer and learning how to loud, cue, and transition two songs together with my partner.  This unique aspect of III points truly enriched my experience, and I loved all the fierce ladies throwing down beats by the end of the class. Big thanks to Helen for allowing us in last minute!

Girls Can Spin Too iii points Girls Can Spin Too iii points Girls Can Spin Too iii points Girls Can Spin Too iii points

Towards the back of the festival just past the alley of mouth-watering food venues such as Tropical Pizza, Panther Coffee, and Coyo Taco was another unexpectedly amazing stage known as Sector 3. Sector 3 had bleachers and everyone’s favorite old tagged out school bus to chillax in. Stillhouse Whiskey tent kept the drinks flowing in the corner with flavorful cocktails such as Peach Don’t Kill My Vibe (Stillhouse Peach Tea Whiskey, Lemonade, Lemon) and Pineapple Express (Stillhouse Coconut Whiskey, Pineapple Juice, Lime). It was here that DJ Moscoman on Sunday night gave us a fantastic set, hailing from Berlin, this Tel-Aviv native brought the best of techno, house, new-wave, and Middle Eastern sound reflective of his label, Disco Halal. There was plenty of space to dance about in this area which made for some fun interpretive dance moves to the eclectic sounds booming from the speakers.

Haiiileen iii points music festival 2017

The last bastion of music for III Points music festival 2017 could be found inside the expansive Main Frame 100,000 square foot warehouse, half stage area and half art installation space. Before entering this sensory jungle, we pass through the newly created Dither Stage, a clash of sounds and noises presented in an alternate universe. Beyond to your left you are faced with a dazzling neon wall of squares filled with Adonis like mannequins of sculpted human torsos curated by local Miami artist Haiileen, leading into a black hole of pulsating rhythms and the Mainframe stage beyond. To the right are several trippy art installations incorporating mirrors, video screens, miniature houses, and most notably Brian Eno’s immersive auditory work The Ship. It was a great space to relax and cool down the mind and body from the stimulating activities outside. The Mainframe drew festival goers like moths to a flame, with by far the best quality sound system amongst all the stages. It was here that Black Madonna, Richie Hawtin, Lane 8, Rufus Du Sol, Kaytranada, and Willow Smith truly took us on a journey. All of these artists were incredibly talented and did such a phenomenal job performing their songs and allowing us to forget our problems and exist in space and time.

Richie Hawtin -Close iii points music festival 2017

Rufus Du Sol III Points Music Festival 2017

Dither Stage iii points music festival 2017

Brian Eno -The Ship iii points music festival 2017

Overall, I had an incredible time and left thoroughly impressed to have traveled so far musically without having to leave the comfort of Miami. III points music festival 2017 truly set the standard for our city for what can be made possible with perseverance, vision, and the desire to redefine the Miami music scene. Keep an eye out for 2018 dates to be announced imminently! See you next year!

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