Hulaween 2017 – Must See Acts

Hulaween 2017 –  Night of The Loving Dead

Curated by Ari Kane

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Of course I am speaking of Fall!!  The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and every business is pushing their latest pumpkin spice concoction.  Autumn is a wonderful time of year that brings along many wonderful traditions. For me there’s only one thing that’s commanding my total attention, that thing is Halloween. More specifically Hulaween 2017  – Night of the Loving Dead. Always one of our favorite festivals of the year! The energy is burstign with love and fun, the location is beautiful and the lineup is always stellar with a heavy focus on jams, instruments and real musicians. 

Have you seen this line up party people?! The champions at Purple Hat productions and Silver Wrapper have truly outdone themselves for Hulaween 2017. There will be musical acts from every genre of sound, prepare for a mind altering adventure. The Suwannee Music Park is unlike any venue you have been too. I could go on, but let’s just give you 10 to get your schedule started. DO NOT MISS THESE BANDS, your ears will never forgive you!!

The rest of the list is left up to you and your personal festival adventure. Can’t wait to see you enlightened beings at Hulaween 2017!!!

Hulaween 2017 – Night of the Loving Dead – 10 MUST SEE Acts to Catch


Big Wild – Jackson Stell aka Big Wild, has been on fire since his breakout in 2012. Part of the infamous Foregin Family Collective, this percussionist/producer just can’t help but get better and more intense every show. I was lucky enough to catch him last week in Vegas, so I can attest to the amazingness you will witness at Hula.

Griz – Well funk me, it’s time to get lifted and get down with Griz. If you haven’t seen Griz live yet then I don’t understand how we are even friends?!  Totally messing with you because you’re awesome and also in luck, he’s headlining Hulaween 2017!  Just make sure you get to the stage early, this is sure to be a jam packed set.

Manic Focus – A funky musical experience coming to you from the windy city. Hula is a journey into magical sights and sound, let Manic Focus be your guide.

Lettuce – This funktastical menagerie is always a festival favorite. An incredible instrumental adventure awaits any vibration traveler who stumbles upon their stage. Get ya booty ready for something special, Lettuce will be bringing the funk to North Florida.

Tauk– These master jammers will take your soul on a nepic ride! If they perform on the Spirit Lake stage they will be sure to increase your adventure through the art.

Beats Antique – Unique and bohemian your style, wanna get weird?! Beats Antique has you covered!! A performance that demands a lot of belly dancing and costume changes. This Trio brings in feels from distances far and wide. It is wonderful music to stare into the stars while on a cosmic journey to the highest of vibrations. Zoe the Goddess will own you after the show, so be prepared! Visually stimulating, upbeat and refreshing, don’t miss Beats Antique.

Russ Liquid Test – The name pretty much explains the energy you will feel while swaying to the sounds of the Russ Liquid Test. This has potential of being the trippiest set of the weekend. A complete full sound that will titillate every sense imaginable. My biggest hope is the visuals keep up with this musical acid trip.

Dumpstaphunk – Bring it on back to the funk with one more funk-a-rific collaborative. Get down, get dirty and get into the dumpsta. Let’s get weird together.

Goldfish – This will be my first Goldfish experience and I couldn’t be more elated. Electro styles mixed with string instruments and deep bass?! Yes please cause that just sounds fun.

Zach Deputy – Living in Atlanta, Georgia for well over a decade I had the opportunity to catch Zach Deputy live on multiple stages. He is in the lineup for the Hulaween 2017 Pre Party, you really should make an effort to get to that. He has taken the idea of the “One man Bad’ to a different level. Looping together everything he needs on his own, Zach’s melody’s are sure to get you moving and feeling right at home.


Well Zombies and Zomb-Shes, it’s time to prepare for yet another exceptional year of partying in the Spanish moss. If this is your first trip to Hulaween, welcome and enjoy the ride. For the veterans of this magical weekend, I hope it’s good to be home. Can’t wait to meet all of you in the Spirit of Suwannee at Hulaween 2017 – Night of the Loving Dead.  Time to make your Halloween plans, make sure Hulaween is at the top of the list.


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