Hulaween 2016 – Top 11 Acts to See

Hulaween 2016 – Stranger Things happening in Suwannee

With the announcement of Stranger Things as the theme for this year’s Hulaween 2016, you better get ready for a multi-dimensional/multi-verse type of experience. Brought to you by those men from the mountains, The String Cheese Incident, this festival is one of a kind pure magic. I had the privilege of photographing it last year (click here to relive 2015) an I must insist on your participation at this years event. The music, the people and the art are out of this world.  When you enter through the demon’s mouth, you arrive in an Interactive, fire breathing, neon everything,  laser shooting art installation that captures the feel of any hallucinogenic experience you may have previously had.  Or if you haven’t, now you get it.

But we are not here for the one of a kind art, well maybe a little, but the music is what truly brings us all together.  The soundtrack to this years event is ripe with melodies from every genre.  One of the best parts of Hulaween 2016 is how they truly grasp the concept of an “All inclusive” festival.  Jam band kid or blue grass shake your knees? Got you covered, I mean it is SCI‘s Festival but you also get Lettuce, Umphrey’s Mcgee an even Greensky Bluegrass (if you arrive thursday) Electronic music and light shows what gets you jumping?  Last year was Odesza Pretty lights headlining, with Disclosure, Big G and Gramatik throwing down this year. Oh you want to rock out, funk down, reggae…. whatever, you get the point.  Hulaween Stranger Things, 2016  is coming, here’s my top 11 must see acts to get you excited for this years event.

Top 11 acts to rage too at Hulaween 2016

Big Gigantic – As a Colorado kid myself, I have to start this list with one of my fav’s, Big GiganticWith their recent release of a Brighter Futurethis power house from the high country bring pure energy. Side note, buy this album, I haven’t changed it since it’s release.  Big G is a seamless mix of electronically produced sounds, Jeremy Salken banging out the percussions, Dominic Lalli with a saxophone and a sound so funky that it can’t be washed off.

RÜfus Du Sol – I was lucky enough to see Rüfus Du Sol a couple times this summer. First at Red Rocks with Odesza and again at the Vertex Music festival.  This trio from Sydney will bring the feels right out of you.  Get ready for a transcendent experience full of beautiful vocals and deep trance like accompaniments.

The String Cheese Incident – Originating in the San Juan mountain range of the Colorado Rockies, STI is truly mountain music.  Our gracious hosts for this annual event, but that is not the only reason they top the list.  Last years Ghoul Train set, hosted by the GZA himself, was one of the most memorable sets of music i have ever witnessed.  Roller dancers, B-Boys an Girls boogied on stage while they took us down to funky town.  Stranger things theme this year can only bring something totally original that we are not ready for.  7 sets gurantees you’ll find something you love in STI

Gramatik – Coming out of Brooklyn means you have to walk amongst giants to make it in the Hip-Hop universe.  Gramatik is one of those giants.  Hip-Hop mixed with brass instruments, guitar licks and percussive beats create a one of kind music that everyone can dance too.  I’ve seen Gramatik many many times, he only gets better each show.  His set at Vertex was out of this world.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – Take Les Claypool,  add Sean Lennon, what comes out is The Claypool Lennon Delirium.  A rock royalty duo that pushes the reaches of sound and space.  With the recent release of Monolith of Phobosthis will surely be the trippiest set of the whole festival.

Disclosure – With a mind blowing DJ set planned for this years Hula, Disclosure is going to melt your face and there is nothing you can do about it.  You and me is a constant on my every day playlist.

STS9Sound Tribe Sector 9 is one of the pioneers of electro-Jam style of music. Bringing their unique sound and light show to the hanging moss of the amphitheater stage (at least that’s where i want to see them) can only produce an effect on a person that will last a lifetime. STS9 is like tripping in the desert, you never know what direction you’re being pulled  and the lights are constantly changing.

Logic – Robert Bryson Hall II aka Logic, is here to add the much needed lyricism to Hulas line up. His brand of Hip -Hop will partner great with the other funky artists on this incredible line up.  Smooth, Jazz like beats with complex lyrics and catchy hooks, do I really need to say more?  Go bounce and show him some Hula style love.

Rebelution – With that California style  Ragge/Rock sound, Rebelution is here to bring fire to the swamps of Florida.  No strangers to the sunshine state, these boys bring a sound that keeps you swaying from side to side.  In the peaceful setting of Spirit of Suwannee, this will be a great show to sit back, chief and chill.  A nice mellow sound to keep you flowing through the Hula-Verse. 

Lettuce – Jam Funk psychedelic music is becoming popular as more artists are crossing genres and experimenting with new sounds.  One of the stand outs of this new format is Lettuce.  Not to be confused with it’s plain, bland vegetable namesake, Lettuce takes you on musical adventures to the depths of experimentation.  Recently I saw them at Vertex in Colorado where they hyped us up before Odesza shut us down.  Wander over and give a listen if you have never witnessed them live.  A fun show for any festival.

My Morning Jacket – I left My Morning Jacket last because they are so different from anyone else on this list.  With a smooth, progressive style of rock, MMJ takes the listener to a different plane of existence and can bring out emotion you were unaware you possessed.  In the truly magical venue like Suwannee, this group has the ability to cause hallucinogenic like feelings. Expect uncontrollable smiles and emotion while this group of musical wizards take you to the far reaches of the universe.

Music festivals are meant to give the attendee a wide variety of music to experience.  Having all the same kind of music can be great an all, but Hulaween is one of my favorite festivals (ever) because of the diversity it offers. Hulaween 2016 – Stranger things is sure to take the melting pot even further with this amazing theme for this years event. In a world that tries to divide us at every line, isn’t it amazing we have a place where we can all get down and experience the spice of life, variety.  I can’t wait to enjoy this one of a kind event with old friends and new.  If this is your first year, welcome, I hope this list helps. If you are returning, welcome and I’ll see you in the Hulaween 2016 Spirit of Suwannee.

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