The House of Peroni – Where Visionaries and Artists Come To Inspire

The House of Peroni – Where Visionaries and Artists Come To Inspire

House of Peroni was established in London, but came to the U.S as a multi-day pop-up experience first in 2016. This past week, The House of Peroni held multiple events in Miami between November 1st-4th: two private opening events, a style brunch, a house party hosted by Norma Now, a panel discussion on the evolution of effortless style, an open house supporting Miami Design District’s performance series, and finally they made a stop at the Miami Design District’s Palm Court on Saturday November 4th to feature Café Peroni, which I had the pleasure of attending.

House of Peroni Outside

The venue was naturally lit and very inviting; it started at 11am, so as soon as I walked in, the coffee bar called my name! The barista explained the history of Lavazza coffee, and tried to explain why this is the #1 coffee in Italy, but honestly the coffee spoke for itself. I personally have a low caffeine tolerance; meaning that half of a cup is enough for me to function normally. Half of a cup of Lavazza coffee was enough to give me a full cup feeling; I was ready to run a 5k marathon, write 3 papers, and maybe even save the world while I’m at it! I was also told that this coffee is available online and can for sure be found locally at Publix (and is currently on sale).

Next to the coffee bar was a long table with blank coasters for guests to color-in to their liking then take home. I couldn’t handle staying inside the lines after the coffee, so I didn’t get very far with my creativity, but a cool photo booth experience was also on the list of things to do at this event, which provided a super creative, gif-like photo of a combination of 3 still photos.

House of peroni art station

Café Peroni showcased the work of a range of artists, including Robert Montgomery, Jessy Nite, Andre Razo, MokiBaby, Chris Valdes, and Raul Santos (imaged below)

House of peroni Art by Santos

Last, but certainly not least was the light bites and cocktails available free for guests.

House of perinea cafe peroni crowdUnfortunately the food was not labeled for me to give detail on, but the food options were a variety of pastries, meats, and cheeses, and their drinks were original PERONI cocktails (Yes, beer cocktails).

My favorite of the three PERONI cocktails was Lombardy to Miami, which featured a mango and passionfruit taste, with a ginger kick. The Bella Matina (Beautiful Morning) came a close second; this cocktail featured oregano infused cold brew (GENIUS; coffee AND beer) with lime and passion fruit.

My final thoughts at The House of Peroni left me very regretful that I was unable to attend their other events that were held throughout that week.

Next time, you’ll definitely catch me at everything!

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