Home Guide for Hedonists & Shedonists

Home Guide for Hedonists & Shedonists

With sooooo many options available to equip and beautify your home, it can be a daunting task. I recently moved and had to furnish my entire new condo. After mountains of time researching cool, useful and innovative stuff I decided to create a Home Guide to share some of my discoveries with our dear readers. We are here to make your life better and more resplendent. Enjoy this Home Guide.



We all need kitchen gear so why not invest in some appliances that are also works of art. Enter Bella with a ceramic line of sexy additions to your kitchen, My fave is the exquisite Bella tea kettle, which makes my kitchen so much prettier. With a strong commitment to design, innovation, quality and function, Bella offers a wide range of products from coffee makers and blenders to exciting entertaining amusement appliances such as free standing candy dispensers and popcorn makers. For more information, visit http://www.bellahousewares.com.


Thirteen & Market

The favorite thing in my new place are these glorious angel wings from Thirteen & Market I hung these celestial ornaments over my bed and slumber under their blessings. Thirteen & Market offers a blend of home decor and design options ranging from farmhouse-inspired goods to revitalized vintage finds, and a special curated collection of handmade products from artists and makers around the globe. Perfect for adding a bit of rustic charm to your new pad.


Groundwork Coffee Co

I had my coffee connoisseur dad try Groundwork out and he can not stop raving about them. The beans are so fresh, flavorful and healthy. The Masala Tea mix they sell tasted like it was made in India. There are a plethora of coffee subscription options out there, but these guys are stellar! For 26 years, Groundwork Coffee Company has been a homegrown coffee and tea destination, handcrafting the best beverages with the finest ingredients. Their borderline-obsessive commitment to each cup and every customer – in warm, inviting cafés that capture the flavor of their neighborhoods – is fundamental to their business.

  • Online Subscriptions: Send the gift of locally roasted, certified organic coffee right to a friend or relative’s doorstep with the subscription option when you order any Groundwork Coffee online! Order coffee bi-weekly, monthly, or for up to 6 months. $12.95-$105


Lampe Berger

Now that our places are gorgeous, let us make sure they smell divine as well. Welcome the marvelous Lampe Berger into your palace, which purifies and perfumes the air like no other product. This system destroys undesirable odor molecules rather than masking them, leaving the air totally purified. Meanwhile, the room is gently scented with unparalleled fragrances. Air purifying and perfuming is fast, consistent and long lasting. Lampe Berger is as beautiful as it is useful. The brand constantly works with designers of different backgrounds to innovate and rejuvenate its collection. Each year, 15 new lamp designs are created. If you want to pick up this beauty you can find a store here: http://www.lampeberger.us/storelocator/



Whats is new pad without fabulous wine? A sad place to live 😉 Masi Agricola exclusively produces wines of the top quality level. They are one of my favorite wineries in the world! A renowned specialist in producing Amarones and Reciotos using historic winemaking techniques. Amarone is so smooth and flavorful. Masi is the leading Amarone producer, with 5 Amarones that account for 20% of total production in the Veneto. Made predominantly from indigenous grape varieties, the wines are crafted with a combination of the traditional appassimento method (drying the grapes), double fermentation using semi­-dried grapes and modern vinification techniques. The blend of winemaking methods enhances the personality of each wine while maintaining a recognizable Venetian style.

Father's Day Gifts Green Island Glassware


We all need glasses so how about we get a lil nostalgic with ours and get one from the city, school or vacation spot we probably miss dearly by now. UncommonGreen’s Glassware is the perfect vessel for sipping a cold drink after a long day. Featuring beautifully etched maps of some of the world’s best cities, schools and most relaxing islands, these glasses will allow you to have a serene mini-getaway to your happy place.

Summer Fashion Purxury Shampoo


How about we become more mindful of one’s skin and hair products? Purxury is redefining the beauty space by providing small batched artisanal bath products. Innovation runs through Maria Lopez-Judd’s blood, as the bottles were purposefully black in order to protect ingredients from light exposure. If you’ve been out at the beach too long, look to the Rescue Facial Oil ($49) to help restore dry skin. Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Fruit Oil and Argan Oil, among others combine together to form an elixir that soothes, nurtures and moisturizes your face leaving you invigorated. To keep the skin glowing, make sure to dab on some Night Hydrating Serum + Cleanser ($49). Purely Harvested Rosewater, Organic Jojoba and many more ingredients and natural oils will keep your skin as smooth as a baby’s bum.  Additionally, their hair line is a nice and all organic, natural way to clean, soothe, and condition your beautiful summer hair with Mint Nutritive Shampoo & Conditioner ($42 each).

Summer Fashion Yonanas

Ice Cream Maker

After all that hard work and making it to the end of this home guide article, you deserve a treat. How about freshly made ice cream from your kitchen? The Yonanas ($49) nifty gadget turns frozen fruits into ice cream. Dairy and artificial ingredients are tossed out the window so you don’t have to worry about all the sugar going to your hips. Toss some mango in the machine and have a guilt free treat. If you’re trying to try something different, incorporate mango and avocado for an earthy flavor to result from the combination of two seeded fruits with opposing flavor profiles.

Hope you enjoyed our Home Guide!


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