Heavenly Dishes from Chef Adrianne’s New Cookbook

Cookbook Preview of #MaximumFlavor Social

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The evening began with Chef Adrianne Cavlo’s Award Winning Sangria, where guests could choose either a refreshing Pomegranate or Passionfruit flavor.  Unfortunately, that recipe will not be in the cookbook – it’s top secret!  As the group sat down, Adrianne came to the table and explained her revolutionary cookbook and with passion and poise explained how it’s different than any other cookbook out there.

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#MaximumFlavor Social will not only feature recipes based on her Maximum Flavor style but, it will also dig deeper into the social media perspective from the personal side of a chef.  Connecting with her fans and staying engaged has played a key role for Adrianne as a chef.  She takes every comment to heart and consideration when it comes to her restaurant.   Every dish on the current menu at Chef Adrianne’s has once been a fan favorite.

The tasting was orchestrated by what she refers to as the “Greatest Hits” in her cookbook which includes the most praised dishes from comments on social media and her fans.  Since, we were technically at a Vineyard Restaurant each dish was paired with wine. Here are the following “greatest hits,” that are all included in the #MaximumFlavor Social cookbook:

Course #1 – Chef referred to this as an adult grilled cheese: Crispy Gouda over a Raspberry Coulis that included champagne, garnished with shaved celery

Photos by Pedro Alvarez:


Course #2 – Butter Poached Maine Lobster topped with thin slices of Jalapeno, Radish and Black Truffle Pearls


Course #3 – The longest standing item on her menu: Sweet Corn Tamatilo (basically corn bread pudding heaven) paired with Wild Shrimp and Lemon Bure Blanc


Course #4 – Chef Adrianne said, This will take your palate on a roller-coaster: New Zealand Lamb Chops (less gamey) with fried blueberries and gorgonzola


Course #5 – 48 Hour Marinated Asian Duck Breast that’s then seared and presented underneath a bed of whipped corn infused with a little white truffle for that umami punch


Course #6 –Single Most Record Breaker on Social Media (most talked about):Chef’s Signature Filet Mignon over a Cognac Dijon and Au Jus made from leftover ossobucco bones (also one of the most popular dishes) Chef Adrianne thinks everyone should know how to make this because, life is too short.


As a grand finale for the night she brought out her blindfolds, which could only mean one thing – Dark Dining.  She holds a new theme every month at her restaurant and wanted to give her special guests a surprise to awaken their senses.  Many guests were pleased to try her notorious Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding.  Now you can replicate it at home once you read the recipe from #MaximumFlavor Social. That’s pretty dangerous.


You can see our full review of Chef Adrianne’s normal menu here

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