Groove Cruise Review – How I Became Part of the Groove Cruise Fam

Groove Cruise Review – How I Became Part of the Groove Cruise Fam

By Luis Colosio – @colosioriojas

Groove Cruise Review – Being no stranger to the raver scene, I was actually curious and excited to experience this music festival cruise many of my friends had been raving about for the last few months. They built up so much hype around this trip that I was a bit dubious about the whole thing and was therefore arriving with very high expectations. So, naturally, when we got to the Port of Miami and the first thing we had to do was to stand in a queue packed full of people for what it seemed to me eons (in reality it was closer to an hour and a half), I was beginning to get the feeling that maybe this journey was not going to be the epic picture that was originally painted out for me. I could not have been proved more wrong.

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Here is the glorious after movie so you can fully comprehend the marvel of the Groove Cruise Review:


The second we got through security control and checked in, I was reminded of the delights that come with cruise liners. From the all-you-can-eat buffet, luxurious restaurant, multiple bars, lounges, pools, and casino it was spectacular. It was as if we were submerged inside a full Vegas experience in one of its luxurious hotels, except for the beautiful fact that it happened to be over the gorgeous sea, overlooking the paradise sunset of Miami Beach. As soon as our ship’s horn blared out to commence our departure, I excitedly watched into the distance how the Miami skyline was slowly but surely fading out into the horizon we left behind. Carrying us onward to a fantastic adventure that seemed crafted out of a dream. And all of this took place in just the first couple of hours of the first day; our journey was barely getting started.

From that point on, it was one incredible experience after another. Again, I do not deny I had terribly high expectations for this trip, and was superbly not disappointed. From the minute we left port and set sail towards international waters, the glorious music started. With five different stages playing music non-stop until early into the next sunrise it was hit, after hit, after hit. With an impressive line-up of first-class EDM artists, along with several newcomers who resulted in very interesting and pleasing surprises, it was impossible not to enjoy ourselves.

Didn’t like the current DJ on stage? No problem, simply by walking a few meters on to a different stage and, just like that, the problem was solved. Some of my fave sets were Sam Feldt, Lee Foss, EDX, Goldfish, Chocolate Puma, Chus & Ceballos, (Miami legend) Cocodrills & Drums of the Sun. 

Each of the 4 days and nights had 2 different themes (8 total) that the Groove Cruise Fam (that would be us!) donned like Rockstar ravers. Ranging from neon, brides and chippendales, to old school ravers and Mardi Gras… the costumes and outfits many of our neighbors came up with were nothing short of pure sexy genius and creativity. During the day, the ambient at the different pool parties taking place simultaneously across the ship inspired all of us to apply said creativity into making the most of our time together at sea.

By the morning of the third day we arrived at the beautiful sunny beach of Grand Turk Island in the Caribbean, where a private beach party was held for us until late in the afternoon. Despite being saddened by having to part from those beautiful white, sandy beaches, the alternative of returning to our all-inclusive musical voyage was overwhelmingly comforting. One a half more days of excellent music and company were still ahead of us.

By this time I was beginning to become painfully aware that we were heading back home. Still, we did not let this discourage us from championing out our adventure in the most epic of proportions; the sea, the night, the world were ours. It was awesome.

But despite all the aforementioned amusements, the foremost incredible part of this legendary journey were the people. Amazing and friendly people who equally shared a common goal of care-free enjoyment and peaceful coexistence, all came together with the goal of creating and cultivating new and interesting relationships, either for one night only or even for an entire lifetime.

This is how the #gcfam works: Awesome strangers from all over the world get together to bond, party and make lasting relationships! That is how I came to know Ari Kane and his distinguished site, which perfectly exemplifies all the fun and amazing times a person can achieve through a positive outlook on life if he or she is only but willing to seize the opportunity. I am honored to relate this Groove Cruise review of what was easily one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life!!

Walking out of that ship back into the Port of Miami I could only think about one thing and one thing only: I cannot wait to get back into that queue for Groove Cruise 2018! Hope you enjoyed my Groove Cruise Review…

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