Groove Cruise Miami Review – Groove Cruise Best Trip of Your Life

Groove Cruise Miami Review – Groove Cruise Will Be The Best Trip of Your Life

I have traveled the world and experienced countless euphoric wonders, but few of them have managed to even graze “just the tip” of the majesty of the Groove Cruise. Even when you strip away the electrifying DJs, non-stop 96-hour party, breathtaking Bahamas beach, unobstructed views of sunrises and sunsets along the amazing ship, there is still so much more to the Groove Cruise. There is a special magic sauce erupting like a geyser from the ship —  it was flowing from the people, better known as the Groove Cruise Family, or #gcfam.

Picture over 2,700 people more amped up for this trip than they have been for anything else all year. This family is here to smile, hug, love, party and have the most epic time of their lives. With an 80% retention rate, these people are more than friends, they are family — and they likely have been grooving and cruising together for many years.  We were virgins, yet instantly felt like part of the fam’.  There are no cliques on board, just open arms. People have such a phenomenal time that they book next year’s Groove Cruise before they have even gotten off this year’s cruise!

I have been to many festivals and raves (Ultras, EDC, Life In Color, Bonnaroo, Phish Festivals….), yet the intoxicating vortex of energy swirling around the ship from the attendees was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Not only were the people fun, adventurous, sweet and loving, but they were also good-hearted.  This is a trip where five iPhones and a diamond cartier watch were lost and instead of being pocketed by attendees, they were turned in to the ship’s Lost and Found.

Besides the people, the costumes were our favorite part of the Groove Cruise. The costumes were as prolific as an end-of-the-world gay party. People really GET INTO THEIR COSTUMES that range from the hilarious and debaucherous to the interactive and nostalgic. There are six different theme parties during the journey.

When everybody boards the ship it is all about Represent. Who you are, where you come from, or what you want to be.

The first night party is called Shine the f*ck up and people obliged.

The second night was Around the World.

The third day was Pump it Up.

The third night was Acceptable in the 80’s.

The final night was Whet Circus.

The music was literally non-stop,  with DJs playing every second of the 96 hour party. The DJ’s were marvelous and very diverse. Oliver Heldens, Bynon, and Arty put on our favorite sets.

Oliver Heldens kicked off the Groove Cruise with an exquisite set backlit against the orange and gold Miami skyline. It was pure magic.

Bynon blew our minds and had the entire theater going bananas with an eclectic set of popular oldies, hip-hop, and dance with flawless transitions. He opened with Whitney Houston “I will always love you” and mashed it up with a plethora of sick tracks and favorites like Tupac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Dr. Dre. He also spun a stellar hip-hop set the following night.

Arty’s show was a masterpiece, entwining a glorious set with some of the coolest lights and effects I have ever seen. He is a brilliant magician/artist/DJ and I apologize that the video below does not adequately capture his enormous talents.

We also chilled with Scooter who is such a funny dude. We met him while he was teaching the insightful “How to be a DJ 101” with Darude. It was more of a comedy show, because they were freaking hilarious.  I developed a newfound respect for what these DJs do, having gained a better understanding of the the intricacies of their craft. All of the DJs were out chilling, drinking and partying with their loving fans.


People were getting into the fun and the music everywhere. Check out this rambunctious crew tearing it up in the dining hall.

The people I met hailed from all across the world.  I am quite a hugger, but I believe I hugged more people on this cruise than I did all of last year. The #gcfam is so blissful and warm. I had strangers come up to me and say “I saw you yesterday and you seem so awesome, I just needed to meet you.”  They then proceeded to give me a delightful, warm and lengthy hug.

The generosity overflowed throughout the ship with random strangers buying you drinks, beers as well as sharing goodies and love. Spirit-Ill was onboard greeting everybody with hugs, sharing pure love and hosting meditation circles that ended with a group chanting and hugging session. They also made this phenomenal Groove Cruise recap video:


It was also an opportunity to  appreciate and connect with the majesty of nature. I was able to relish the unobstructed view of four sunsets and three sunrises that made me truly appreciate life, the universe and this magnificent journey we were all on. The cascading tides and waves in the ocean stretched out beyond my vision’s reach brought me such joy and serenity, even in the midst of a wild party.

The beach party was magnificent with deep aqua blue water and skies against snow white sand and beautiful people dancing.

The always smiling Norwegian staff was warm and amicable. The ship boasted a rock climbing wall, bowling alley and an arcade room. The food was solid with a diverse selection of goodies that NEVER CLOSED. Pay attention Carnival Cruise lines, buffets should never close, especially on a party ship.

This trip was a precious treasure that is not to be missed. If you have never been on the Groove Cruise before, book it now because it will be the best trip of your life and will change it for the better. Do not wait too long to purchase your tickets, because they ALWAYS SELL OUT and then you will be stuck on the waiting list. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here. See you soon Captains.

You can see the entire Photo Album by clicking Here.

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