Fooqs Miami –Anniversary Dinner Review and Chef Bryan Rojas Interview

Fooqs Miami –Anniversary Dinner Review and Chef Bryan Rojas Interview

The eclectically modern Fooqs Miami celebrated their one year anniversary with an array of classic Persian specialties such as Khoresh, Tadig, and Gorma Sabzi. The celebratory dinner at Fooq’s, which was served family style, and the Persian-style Stews served can be best described as hearty and WILDLY HERBACEOUS!

fooq miami - interior - courtesy of fooq

Check out the first anniversary dinner menu, followed by an interview with Fooqs Miami’s very own Executive Chef, Bryan Rojas. 

The Lamb Khoresh is essentially a lamb stew composed of charred eggplants, onions, tomatoes, and yellow split peas with turmeric and cinnamon seasoning. The turmeric and cinnamon seasoning delivers full bodied flavor and the ample amounts of split peas can satisfy a fuming hunger in a pinch. There are plenty of earthy flavors coming from the split peas and eggplants with the richness of the lamb chunks interspersed within the stew.


Gorma sabzi is a classic Persian herb stew that was masterfully dressed with half the kitchen spice cabinet. Co-starring alongside the mountain of herbs is the Veal Ossobuco. I kept looking forward to getting those luscious chunks of meat spread among the kidney beans. The dish delivers crisp and fresh flavors from the copious amounts of parsley, cilantro, mint and arugula. The addition of oregano, dill, and tarragon delivered interesting depths of flavor. Kidney beans, Persian limes, and spinach are incorporated into the Gorma Sabzi adding body and heartiness to the stew.

Tadig is a traditional Persian side dish with the predominant ingredient of crunchy textured Basmati Rice from the bottom of the pot. The first of two versions, Sour Cherry Tadig, had sweet and sour bites coming from Sour Cherries and spiced with Cinnamon. The second tadig,  English Pea, was nicely seasoned with Dill herb and Turmeric spice.

Fooq Miami - Executive Chef Bryan Rojas- Courtesy of Fooq

Q: What’s your background? When did you know you wanted to become a chef?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia raised in Miami Beach Florida. I realized I wanted to be a chef after leaving San Francisco in 2011 after cooking there for 2 years. I started cooking at 17 years old as a part-time crepe maker in a good friend’s restaurant, Sun City Cafe.

Q: What is unique about Persian food? 

Chef Bryan Rojas:
What I find unique about Persian cooking is the similarity to the home style cooking I grew up with, like stews, lots of rice, salads and savory pastries. With intoxicating aromas and layers of flavors of cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, lots of herbs and sweet/sour notes in every bite.

Q: What is your favorite dish Fooq’s menu?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
My favorite dish is the Persian Lamb Shank.

Q: What are some of you specialty dishes that are unique to your restaurant? What are your most popular dishes?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
Our Persian influenced dishes like the Tadig Vegetable entree is unique to our restaurant.
Our best sellers are the Persian Lamb Shank and Buccatini Amatriciana

Q: Where does menu inspiration come from?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
The inspiration comes from the past, present, and seasonal.

Q: How is the cuisine at Fooqs Miami different from past experiences? How did you find the adaptation process to these changes?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
The cuisine is different because there’s no other restaurant in Miami is doing Persian food like we are.
Adaptation was very inspiring and exciting I had never imagined cooking Persian food.

Q: Most memorable experience as a chef?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
Taking on the chef de cuisine position at Fooqs.

Q: Any future plans in sight for Fooqs in the next couple months that we should watch out for?

Chef Bryan Rojas:
Brunch on Sundays and Sunday dinner service bringing more Persian influenced primal cuts and Khoresh style stew.

Q: Describe Fooqs in 3 words.

Chef Bryan Rojas:
Creative, intimate, the food speaks for itself.

Fooqs Miami is in Downtown Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District, located at 1035 North Miami Avenue, Miami Fl, 33136.

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