Poured Beer By Fizzics Waytap – Now Every Chicago Brewery Is In My Apartment

Poured Beer By Fizzics Waytap – Now Every Chicago Brewery Is In My Apartment

Written by Jessica Lewandowski

I’m proud to say I’ve been the Lead Editor in Chicago for Hedonist Shedonist for over a year now. What I’m even more proud to say is that I’m finally living in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods. An occasion such as this calls for a freshly poured beer. There’s no shortage of amazing Chicago breweries around here (ever heard of Half Acre Beer Co.?), and they’re packed with beer-guzzling hipsters, just like me.

Poured Beer Fizzics Waytap

As much as I love taking a walk to frequent my favorite breweries, I’m more likely to pick up a six-pack of my favorite beers at the corner store. I’ve sacrificed a freshly poured beer more often than I’d like to save a few extra bucks. However, that’s a problem of the past, now that I’ve gotten my hands on the Fizzics Waytap! The Fizzics Waytap allows me to have any poured beer I want from a portable tap in my own kitchen. Any. Beer.

Everyone knows a poured beer directly from a tap tastes loads better than canned or bottled brews. Why is that, exactly, though? It turns out, the makers behind the Fizzics Waytap created Micro-Foam Technology, which dramatically improves not only the flavor but the mouthfeel of any beer. It works very simply, too. All I have to do is place my favorite bottled or canned beer in the base, connect the top of the waytap to the base over my beer, and then I pull the lever to turn my corner store brew into a poured beer that is bubbly, crisp, and even stronger in flavor!

Poured beer Fizzics Waytap 2

Of course, you don’t have to enjoy draft poured beers in just your kitchen. You can bring the Fizzics Waytap to parties, on camping trips, to the beach, your friends’ weekend game night, and to whatever other occasions you think calls for a celebratory beer. As for me, I’ll be going on more afternoon runs to combat the extra calories I’ll be consuming from all this beer!

The Fizzics Waytap can be purchased directly from the Fizzics website, on Amazon.com, at Target, Best Buy, and Brookstone. Cheers!

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