ETARU Hallandale- Oceanside Japanese Robata Cuisine

ETARU Hallandale- Oceanside Japanese Robata Cuisine

ETARU Hallandale- Oceanside Japanese Robata Cuisine could not be what is today without its creators Urban Robot Associates, whose motto is “We endeavor to tell stories by making places”.

When we entered, the ambiance of the restaurant spoke volumes, and we could tell right away we wanted to be apart of the story of ETARU Hallandale. Whether you enjoy a cozy seating inside or a refreshing seat out near the oceanside, we recommend grabbing a table and fast when visiting ETARU Hallandale.

Don’t know what to try from such a grand variety menu? Luckily, ETARU Hallandale offers what is called a Tasting Menu, so you are able to taste the best of the best, and the menu does not disappoint!

The Tasting Menu starts off with some delish apps featuring Black kampachi sashimi, yuzu truffle dressing, mizuna, and pickled vegetables. Also, a delightful Sashimi Platter with 3 sashimi selection, yellowtail tartar, tuna tartar, and oysters. There was nothing fishy about these apps, we devoured them in seconds, and we definitely know you’ll do the same. Be sure to have fun using ETARU’s mini wooden spoons and chops that come along with it!

ETARU Hallandale

Get ready because the Black kampachi and the Sashimi platter were just the warm-ups for so much more to come.  The Crispy tiger prawns with yuzu shichimi sauce were next up from the Tasting Menu, along with Avocado, cucumber maki with wasabi peas, and shiso mayo. The amount of flavor held in a simple roll was unbelievably delicious, and the tiger prawns will, of course, have you roaring for another bite! These are must eats!

Following the sweet and spicy blend of the avocado cucumber maki and the tiger prawns, the Tasting menu offered Sweet corn with wasabi lime butter and shichimi. Alongside it came a well seasoned mixed sashimi salad with smoked tomato, ikura, and piri piri sauce, and a roasted asparagus with sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds. These amazing dishes were packed with such tantalizing flavors that we wanted to savor every delicious bite.

ETARU Hallandale

For those who don’t love ETARU Hallandale’s seafood or healthy options like the sweetcorn, asparagus, and mixed salad (how could you not!), there are other grilled options like the 6oz Prime Beef fillet with eryngii mushrooms and wasabi ponzu sauce. This succulent dish took mouth-watering to a whole new level. We absolutely recommend this beefy filet when dining with ETARU Hallandale.

ETARU Hallandale


ETARU Hallandale saved the best and most divine for last on their Tasting Menu. This delectable platter was filled a variety of palatable fruits like lychee, passionfruit, kiwi, and topped with a sweet mango and strawberry sorbet. We also got to savor ETARU’s very own chef designed lava cake, that will ooze joy right into your mouth!  These dishes and many others at ETARU Hallandale you will want to have and soon!

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