The Essential 4th of July Gift Guide

The Essential 4th of July Gift Guide

Nothing encapsulates the festivities of the 4th of July better than Miley Cyrus’s lyric “Party in the USA”. While everyone is commemorating the independence of our nation, why not celebrate America’s birthday with some gifts for yourself. From the finest spirits to outdoor necessities to the perfect grilling accessories, we have got you covered below.

For the beach bum

4th of July Guide Mizzi Cosmetics

Fireworks bursting above you with lips interlocked and your 4th of July kiss looks back at you wanting more. Smiling inside, you’re secretly thanking Mizzi Cosmetic’s Whipped Lip Scrub ($13) for helping you avoid cracked, chapped lips during the sultry summer. The secret to your silky smooth lips was their whipped version of natural cane sugars and antioxidant rich pink grapefruit essential oil, a scrub that leaves you with the most luscious of lips.

4th of July Gift Guide Fleeps

Fun in the sun requires the proper wardrobe. From head to toe, there is no better way to show up to the barbecue than with a freshly done pedicure in FLEEPS. These sandals ($38) offer an adjustable cross-ankle strap with a smooth-finish toe thong and a lightweight shock-absorbent sole. Not only comfortable, these sustainable and stylish kicks also give back to the community. Really being able to help walk in someone else’s shoes, ten percent of each pair goes to the FLEEPS Foundation which partners to commit to the education of girls.

For the Outdoorsy

4th of July Gift Guide Thousand Helmet

There’s no better way to head to the beach from your getaway hotel than on a bike. Easy commute with no trouble finding parking calls for faster access to hopping into the crashing waves. During commute however, to ensure safety, strap on this new stylish Thousand helmet ($85). A modern rethinking of headgear, you will feel like your wearing an accessory not a safety measure. Pop, lock and drop it, this bad-boy also pops and you can use the inner compartment as a lock onto your bike.

4th of July Guide Trois Petit Cochons

Grilling at a barbecue doesn’t take too much skill: place the dog on the grill and pop, sizzle, crack, you’re good to go. What does take more skill is the ability to making a superbly crafted sausage. Beginning as a small charcuterie in Greenwich Village, New York City, Trois Petit Cochons now offers an array of delicious, artisanal quality products ranging from pates, mousses, terrines, and smoked meats. If you’re going to go all out on the grill and truly enjoy your meats, the 4th is the day to do it. Grab a smoked chicken sausage with apple or andouille sausage and let the coals go to work.

4th of July Gift Guide Tabanero Hot Sauce

Sausage and hamburger lovers have we something new for you. Leave the guilt behind when using Tabañero, an all natural and non-vinegar based hot sauce ($6.29). From the state of Tabasco, Mexico, it doesn’t have the sugars and preservatives of many hot sauces and is packed with the unique flavors of habanero, carrots, key lime juice, agave nectar, onion and salt. 100% natural, it will certainly spice up your 4th of July weekend.

For the spirit master

4th of July Guide Blue Ice Vodka

You get the 4th of July off in celebration of our founding fathers, so why not toast a drink or a few to them? What better way to indulge in some poolside cocktails than with Blue Ice Vodka which is smooth to the taste and slimming to the hips? Coming in at 52 calories, this  made-in-America concoction, will make you feel all patriotic. From farm to bottle ($27), it is grown in Idaho from Russet Burbank Potatoes making it gluten-free and as a result a crowd pleaser for all.

4th of July Gift Guide Soltado Tequila Spicy Anejo

Usually the hottest thing at the party is the grill. This 4th of July, however, it has met its match with the fiery Soltado Tequila Spicy Añejo ($33.50), the only añejo infusion on the market. This 97 point rated, double gold award winning will certainly keep everyone talking as its balanced aromas of toasted caramel and spice is complemented with intense heat from the infusion of organic Serrano peppers and Mexican cinnamon.

4th of July Guide Résonance Pinot Noir Résonance Vineyard 2013

Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, collected more bottles of wine at his Monticello home than he could have ever consumed in his lifetime. A connoisseur of wine, I am sure he would have brought either of the below to the party. For the more ritzy barbecue, he would probably bring the Résonance Pinot Noir Résonance Vineyard 2013. From Oregon’s Yamhill-Carlton AVA within the Willamette Valley, this wine pairs fabulously with all 4th of July eats ranging from BBQ chicken to grilled steak. It is spearheaded by the renowned winemaker Jacques Lardière, and is Louis Jadot’s first project outside of France.

4th of July Guide Macon Village

One of our most iconic symbols, the Statue of Liberty, was a birthday gift to our nation. The United States has had a relationship with France that dates back to the late 1880s. If Jefferson were to pay homage to the lovely gift they imparted, and choose something for a normal BBQ,  he may choose Macon-Villages 2014 ($14.99) from Louis Jadot’s collection. The notes of apple and citrus from the wine would complement the flavors from grilled shrimp, tuna or chicken. This light and elegant wine proves versatile for many a dish that one would see at a 4th of July festivity.

What to Pack in a Carry On

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