Epic Brunch at La Mar by Gaston Acurio

La Mar Serves an Epic Brunch

As we eat our way though this Foodie Renaissance, brunch is starting to reign supreme.  Miamians wake (most likely late) on the weekend with an intense urge to eat stellar food and pound some premium mixology. While there are no shortage of options for this, La Mar by Gaston Acurio might just be your best bet.

Located inside the 5 star Mandarin Oriental, La Mar serves a Peruvian-style brunch with more delectable options then you can imagine. Brunch commences with an enormous hot buffet on one side and a cold buffet on another that would even make a billionaire’s bar mitzvah boy jealous of the smorgasbord. The incredible dishes are prepared by the very talented Executive Chef Diego Oka. Chef Oka was raised in Peru and has brought the best Peruvian flavors and techniques to Miami.

Before we even began to eat we had to of course order boozy brunch drinks. For two whole hours, you are entitled to unlimited premium cocktails like Bloody Mary’s, Pisco Sours and a plethora of other sparkling options.

The cold station boasts an incredible options like chicharon sandwiches, pork belly sticky buns, ceviches, sashimis, salads and unique Peruvian sushi made with chicharron and anticuchero. A word of advice: Pace yourself because it’s easy to fill up here. The hot station is filled with meat skewers, soups, fried fish and one of the best empanadas EVER composed of Aji Gallina (a creamy chicken stew) encased in delightful deep fried dough.



Besides the buffet you are also served an exquisite Chaufa Aeropuerto, La Mar’s signature Chinese fried Rice with pork and shrimp infused with a dazzling sweet and spicy Nikei sauce. It is prepared tableside and served family style. It was easily one of the best chaufus we’ve ever had. Then you each get to pick an entree from either the $85 or $120 menu.


Options on the $85 menu include Grouper Chorillana – tamarind chorrillana sauce, mashed yuca & smoked bacon or Plancha Anticuchero – grilled octopus, calamari and crushed potatoes, ají panca pepper sauce and chimichurri. The $120 premium options include a King Crab Plancha Anticuchera with pepper sauce, chimichurri and choclo corn or a 16 oz Churrasco a lo Pobre with beans, chimichurri, egg, and fried banana. We picked the Lomo Saltado with a runny egg and the Plancha Anticuchero. 






It might be hard but try to save room for the dessert. Either an Inca temple or dollhouse full of a multitude of bite-sized delicacies is coming your way, regardless. Favorites were the Lucuma covered chocolates, cookies and cream mousse and dulce de leche cookies. La Mar’s brunch is served every Sunday from 11:30am to 3:30pm, so take a break from the usual pancakes and waffles and get some REAL food for a change.





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