Doma Kitchen: International Flavors Reign Supreme in Marina Del Rey


Doma Kitchen: International Flavors Reign Supreme in Marina Del Rey

By Michael Vallens

Often labeled as a prominent “mixing pot” of cultures, Los Angeles’ restaurant scene has representatives showcasing dishes inspired from lands afar. I often wonder how many amazing recipes from the past have gone by the wayside. Thankfully, there are restaurants whose main focus is to keep traditional recipes and cooking techniques from the past relevant in the present. This is what the Doma Kitchen experience brings to the customer.

DOMA Kitchen Exterior

Tucked in a small corner of a bustling shopping center, Marina Del Rey’s Doma Kitchen is beautifully designed, an almost art gallery-like space that emphasizes Eastern European and Central Asian cooking techniques and recipes. The aromas coming from the kitchen are incredibly appealing.

Owners Angie Corrente and Stan Mayzalis have traveled the world and used over 25 years of experiences traveling and in the fashion design arena to inspire the worldly aura that radiates with vigor and comfort.

Chef Kristina Miksyte expertly crafts and executes their vision with superior quality of ingredients brought in straight from the farm. Chef’s “Farm to Table” philosophy keeps ingredients fresh, simple and healthy while not compromising on flavor.

DOMA Kitchen Crunchy Bavarian Garlic Bread 1

The tasting started off on an amazing note with the Crunchy Bavarian Garlic Bread. These dark seeded Bavarian Bread sticks were deep fried and dusted with garlic and presented with a dip featuring yogurt and horseradish.

DOMA Kitchen Crunchy Bavarian Garlic Bread 3

There is more than meets the eye to this dish. The tastes and textures are jaw dropping. The Bavarian Bread is shipped in from across the Atlantic and is clearly of the highest quality. I can fully admit that I have been daydreaming about this dish and would recommend it wholeheartedly.

DOMA Kitchen Autumn Salad 1

Doma Kitchen offers a seasonal menu that exhibit the freshest available produce. The Autumn Salad is this season’s choice and includes roasted beets, butternut squash, arugula, pumpkin seeds and creamy goat cheese mixed with a house made Balsamic Vinaigrette.

DOMA Kitchen Autumn Salad 2

Texturally speaking, the Autumn Salad is all that one can ask for. The butternut squash and pumpkin seeds both add a hint of nutty flavor. The arugula is the perfect peppery, green leafy vegetable to pair with the classic combo of beets and goat cheese.

DOMA Kitchen Hot Borsch Beets and Cabbage Soup 1

Photo by Adrian Garcia

Next out came the Hot “Borsch” Beets and Cabbage Soup, a Ukrainian Style soup featuring the aforementioned beets and cabbage, with lamb stock and pieces, fresh dill garnish with a side of sour cream and couple slices of the memorable Bavarian Dark Bread.

This savory soup has a subtle sweetness thanks to the beets and cabbage. The dill lends its fragrance while the lamb stock and pieces are rich and pleasing. This is a dish I would want on a winter evening.

DOMA Kitchen Veal Oso Buco 1

For the main entree, we were presented the Veal Oso Buco, a seasonal menu item that is prepared with care and attention to detail. The slowly braised veal mini shank is melt in your mouth tender and topped a Chardonnay wine sauce with a side of orzo pasta with spinach.

DOMA Kitchen Veal Oso Buco 3

I would highly recommend saving a stick of the Bavarian Garlic bread to use with the bone marrow. Eating doesn’t get better than this.

DOMA Kitchen 8 Layer Russian Honey Cake 1

The dessert of the day is the 8-Layer Russian “Honey Cake”, a multi-layered cake with sour cream and honey. The story behind this cake is that a Russian Empress claimed she didn’t enjoy honey. So a chef took it upon himself and created the 8-layer Russian “Honey Cake”, an attempt to change her mind. Needless to say, the Empress was impressed and did decided that she did indeed take a liking to honey. What was a distaste for honey became an deep admiration.

DOMA Kitchen 8 Layer Russian Honey Cake 3

The 8-Layered Russian Cake, a desert with so much history behind it has found a home at Doma Kitchen. It is sure to cure your strongest sweet-tooth craving. I would recommend ordering a hot cup of coffee or tea with it to create a perfect combination.

Doma Kitchen has found a nice niche in Marina Del Rey and Southern Californians alike need to know about this hidden gem. There is no need to travel abroad this holiday season. Just stop by Doma Kitchen and you will be transported to far away places by an awe-inspiring sensory experience.



Doma Kitchen

At the Villa Marina Marketplace Mall

4325 Glencoe Ave #8

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

(310) 301-0582

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