Divino Ceviche New Summer Brunch Menu Review

Divino Ceviche Releases A New Summer Brunch Menu

I was recently invited to participate in a bloggers brunch event, held at Divino Ceviche in Coral Gables.  I really didn’t know what to expect because when I think of Peruvian food I picture Ceviche and a seafood based menu. That’s certainly not the type of food one would expect to consume at a typical brunch. With the release of their newest Brunch Menu, Divino Ceviche wants to change whatever bias you may have regarding a brunch featuring Peruvian cuisine. Check out our Divino Ceviche Brunch Video Review:

Divino Ceviche Bloggers Brunch

As with any typical brunch, you just shouldn’t start it, without having a few drinks of course.  Since Divino Ceviche is home to Peruvian food, it was only natural that I start my meal off with a real Peruvian libation. I tried their Homemade Pisco Sour and then followed it with their fresh made Passion Fruit Infused Mimosa. Both were sweet refreshing beverages that were perfect for anyone looking to cool down in this Miami heat.

Huevos Peruanos

Divino Ceviche wasn’t holding back any punches when they started this tasting with their Huevos Peruanos.  This beautifully prepared meal comes with poached eggs served with spicy chorizo and tomatoes, smothered in their delicious Huancaina Sauce. This dish was a table favorite. Want an insider tip? Ask for an extra side of bread so you can soak up the leftover egg yolk and Huancaina sauce.

Chicharron Con Mini Tacu Tacu

Lets take a moment right now to just appreciate the beauty in this image. Pictured above is the Chicharron Con Mini Tacu Tacua delicious blend of rice, pork and beans that are fried together and seasoned with Peruvian yellow pepper. It comes served with a chicharron that’s covered in quail egg and a side of freshly prepared Peruvian salsa criolla.

Chicken and Peruvian Waffles

This third dish, the Chicken Peruvian Waffles, made for an interesting and sweet change of pace. Panko breaded chicken on top of a crunchy sweet potato and squash waffle, served with their homemade syrup. I really loved the clove infused syrup which gave the waffles a little extra oomph of flavor.

Lomito Saltado Con Huevos Fritos

As you can see from the picture above, I just couldn’t wait to dig my fork into the Lomito Saltado Con Huevos Fritos. A Peruvian style stir fry filled with hearty beef, fresh onions, tomatoes, cilantro, soy sauce, spicy garlic and potatoes. It comes served with eggs that break apart when touched, delighfully releasing their yummy yolks. What sets this stir fry apart is the fact that they flambé everything with Pisco sour, in a wok set to a very high temperature.

Tortilla De Camarones

For those of you wondering if their was ever going to be any seafood on the menu, look no further because the Tortilla De Camarones, is a Peruvian shrimp omelet served with potatoes. It was weird eating a shrimp omelet, and unfortunately this one came out a little on the salty side which made it my  least favorite of all the dishes served so far.

Divino Ceviche Pan Con Chicharron

The sixth and final dish was the Pan Con Chicharron, freshly baked bread filled with chunks of fried pork, sweet potato and Peruvian salsa criolla. I thought this palm sized sandwich was a great way to end the tasting. It had a simple likeability to it. Probably because it reminds me of something that you could buy from a street vendor and I mean that in a good way.

This tasting only showcased a few of the wonderful surprises that Divino Ceviche has on their menu, I recommend you give them a chance to show you how a Peruvian style brunch might be your next favorite one.

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