Decadence NYE 2016 Review – Epicness to Ring in 2016

Decadence NYE 2016 Review – Epicness to Ring in 2016

What makes a perfect New Years Eve; A place to party? Sure. A dope crew to celebrate with? Of course. Booze, obviously… But how about some amazing beats and a crowd of rage-face party people surrounded by lasers and floor rattling bass? Well Decadence NYE 2015 provided all of that and more for this year’s two-day celebration.

The people at Global Dance, AEG Live, and Live Nation did it again this year bringing attendees two crazy nights filled with amazing production mind blowing shows and lots of amazing perks and surprises. Located at the Colorado Convention Center, which spans 600,000 sqft through two huge arenas with plenty of space for the over 40,000 attendees to party and explore. This year’s line up was insane; with top headlining acts like Jack U, Bassnectar, Odesza, and Big Gigantic there was something for every EDM lover to enjoy.

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Traveling from Atlanta to come and celebrate at Decadence NYE was the best decision I’ve ever made. The two-day festival absolutely blew and melted my mind at the same time in the absolute best of ways. With unforgettable moments and unimaginable good vibes it’s hard to imagine spending my NYE anywhere else. If you missed it this year, I welcome you to look over the highlights of the event and mark your calendars for next year. You wont regret it.


The Line up

Deadmau5, Jack U, Big G, What So Not, Hardwell, Tommy Trash… I mean??? I don’t need to tell you how amazing the line up was. But it was probably the best line up I’ve ever seen. With so much talent spanning through different genres there were happy bumping beats for all to enjoy at Decadence.

It was a nice touch that there was very little artist overlap. While inevitable at an event this size, with the closeness of the two main stages (with only a short walk between the two) it was no problem fishing your way through a crowd to catch a few sets whatever other artists were playing. I was a little bummed that Jack U and What So Not overlapped, but Skrillex and Diplo put on an amazing show; lights, graphics and lots of Diplo inspired tracks. And like I said, it was only a short walk from the brolove going down at the Jack U stage to the dreamy sounds of What So Not.

Free Water to Revive

Think of one of the worst things to happen to you at a festival… okay besides losing your stash or busting a shoe. That’s right, passing out because you’re raging too hard and are dangerously dehydrated. It’s a problem we all face, especially at stricter venues that don’t allow outside drinks or bottles etc.

Luckily for those in the City of Decadence there was a life-giving oasis in the back between the two main stages. Tons of partygoers swarmed the stand between sets to quench their thirsts and fill their camel backs. No one wants to drop a bunch of money on a life necessity; it was a great touch being able to have fresh clean water to fill up for free.

Decadence NYE


The People

Festivals always bring out the best in the crazy PLUR driven masses. True to chill Colorado fashion everyone in attendance was courteous and cool as hell. Navigating through a crowd was never a problem. Everyone was more than happy to get out of your way and let you pass or even push some people out of the way for you. The only insane line for anything was the carousal in the middle of the venue that was a must-do at least one of the nights.

The memories surrounding the people at Decadence NYE will last forever. Especially the famous Naked Elevator Guy. Yes, you read that correctly. Not even IN the venue yet on the first night my crew and I were waiting on the elevator for the parking deck… as the bell rang and the doors slid open we were greeted by a very large, very confused looking Naked Elevator Man. Poor thing was so out of his mind with his clothes nowhere to be found – and it was only 9:30!! Apparently N.E.M. hung around the chilly parking deck elevators for a while since pretty much the whole festival knew about it. Definitely one for the books.


Things To See

Beyond the music and the typical glittering and flashing costumes and lights festival goers provide the production of The City of Decadence was definitely a sight to be seen. While no where near the awe and wonder that was Suwanee Hulaween, Decadence held their own with some amazing light work and laser displays. With several LED screens placed overhead graphics and visuals provided by the artists were amplified and put to life in front of your very eyes.

Aside from the lights and lasers accompanying the artists sets, the middle room between the two stages was a walk-around glittering light show. Planted in the middle of the room was a bright beacon of fun; the carousal. Tons of people flocked to the swirling horse tornado using the poles like strippers and yelling, “ye-haw!” as they spun around. Glittering pink and green light trees lined both sides of the middle room, which led down to the Slient Disco. The Disco was a fun sight to see, with firework –like lights and glowing headphones people were bopping along silently to the DJ’s playing at this spot. There were also tons of vendors selling glow in the dark goods and of course some amazing hats by GrassRoots.

Overall Decadence NYE 2015/16’ was a total success. Ask anyone who went and they would agree both nights brought tons of memories, fun, and most importantly beats. It’s hard to forget the thousands of balloons and tons of confetti falling while Big Gigantic and an entire room of lovey-dovey ravers ring in the New Year. I’m already excited to do it all over again to start 2017 off right.

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