DBGB Takeover at DB Bistro Moderne Review

The DBGB Takeover is that glorious time of year when  DB Bistro Moderne‘s Lounge menu gets infused with a bunch of goodies from Chef Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen and Bar. Miami foodies will not have to travel to up NYC or DC to feast on DBGB’s house-made sausages, burgers, signature Baked Alaska and debaucherous ice cream sundaes. From May 26 through July 31, Executive Chef Jason Pringle will re-create some of the fan favorites from Chef Boulud’s tribute to American food. You can check out a sneak peek of some of the options in the video.

When I think of American cuisine images of burgers, dogs and pies immediately pop into my head. Daniel Boulud explains that “DBGB is my tribute to casual American dishes I’ve come to love since moving to New York City — burgers, bangers, sausages, and sundaes.” When a three star Michelin chef elevates American food to the Heavens, it is worth running there to devour them.

I had a superb meal at DB and I will share with you the absolute must orders since it will be tough to take down the whole menu even with a group of four ravenous foodies. The Sweet & Sour Honey Baked Eggplant was a beautiful new take on eggplant for me. The veggie is adorned with sherry vinegar, sumac yogurt, mint, and chickpea socca to really make it pop. The soft yet crunchy texture and sweet disposition made this dish an artistic treat.

DB Bistro Moderne honey baked eggplant

About a quarter of the menu is dedicated to sausages with 6 to choose from. I had 3 and they were all damn good. The Vermont Sausage – pork & cheddar link with hash browns and red onion crème fraîche and Beaujolaise Sausage – pork, mushrooms, bacon, and red wine served over lentils du puy were solid, but it was the Thai Sausage that is the must order here.

The Thai version has pork, lemongrass, and red curry, but it is the exquisite basil fried rice with chili sauce and a quail egg that was my favorite bite of the night. The basil, perfect fry and mild spice made this one of the best rice dishes I have ever had. I am so in love with it that I am definitely going back to DB to have it again before it vanishes for another year.

DB Bistro Moderne thai sausage

DB Bistro Moderne basil fired rice

My second favorite dish was the Grand Finale fit for royalty. The Baked Alaska is a marvelous dessert that starts with a tart raspberry sorbet enveloped by phenomenal pistachio ice cream. That is wrapped in a thin layer of sponge cake and then iced with Italian meringue that is flambéed right in front of the table with Grand Marnier! I was so full, but force fed myself half of it, as well as all of the pillowy soft and addictive Madeleines. It was one of the best desserts I have ever eaten and experienced.

DB Bistro Moderne baked alaska 1

DB Bistro Moderne baked alaska

The DBGB menu will be available daily in the bar and lounge from 4-8pm through July 31st. Diners in the main dining room can choose from either the DBGB specialties or the regular db Bistro Moderne menu during lunch and dinner. Do yourself a favor and run over there.

DBGB is also offering a Whole Hog Feast. The Feast is served in the wine cellar for up to eight guests and will start with traditional Tarte Flambée and Charcuterie. From there, guests will dig in to a Slow-Roasted Suckling Pig presented tableside and stuffed with pork loin, Swiss chard, confit tomato, and olives. Each piggy is accompanied by Swank Farms seasonal vegetables like roasted corn, grilled asparagus, and decadent grand-mere potatoes. Finish the evening off with DBGB’s signature Baked Alaska and this might be a meal of a lifetime.

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